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How do YOU treat "rival" fans who invade your ballpark?

"Invade" might not be the best word to use, so feel free to fill in your own word (visit, attend, pilgrimage?). I lived in Boston for a number of years, and have been to a bunch of games at Fenway (currently my second favorite ballpark). Being a Yankees fan, I often wore my Yankees hat (and sometimes even a jersey - Mattingly, Jeter, or Ruth) to games, even when the Sox were not playing the Yankees. Call me crazy, but that's how I roll (and I am not the only one). Of course, I get booed, and people would make comments (i.e., "Yankees suck" or "Hey guy, did you take a wrong turn on I-95?"). I once even had my face put on the big screen so the whole stadium could boo me. But, in general (other than a couple of knuckleheads), people were respectful and good-natured, and even defended me from those knuckleheads. I noticed that Sox fans who come to Yankee Stadium with their gear, are also treated in similar fashion.


It seems that at the ballpark, there isn't all this hate that comes out in other forums, like some blogs and message boards or even here at YA, that just get really nasty sometimes. Maybe it's easier to write a bunch of crap when it's faceless, and no one knows who you are. How are these fans treated at your stadiums? Feel free to share any experiences.

Update 2:

Yeah, I've seen fights. I've just never been a part of one at a game.

Update 3:

I think, in general, if you're not acting like a total jackass, people are going to be respectful. Of course, I don't mean everyone will do that. And not all my experiences at "rival" ballparks or my own have been positive. But, for the most part, it's been great.

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    As a Yankees fan -- and a real one -- I seldom get the chance to go the Stadium. In fact, last time I was there (August) I was surrounding by a family from Connecticut that chatted all game on their cells about being there & what they did for the weekend in NYC.. and in front of two teen girls who talked like they were in a lunchroom at school, rapid fire about boys & parties and girls... without taking a breath unless their phones rang. The Yanks were playing Tampa Bay and therefor, there wasn't at other-team fans. I've been in great games where I was surrounding in Yanks stadium in the Playoffs vs. red Sox and Seattle, going back to the 90s.. and it's always been a good natured ribbing. My brother in law (from Boston) was scarred stiff, when I'd taken him to the Stadium -- and told him it was OK to don his Sox cap... (hehehehhe).... Two of the best games I'd been, were Yanks-Sox at Bronx (2-1 Mussina over Pedro) and at Fenway in '98 I believe Pedro vs. Wells? where I'd bought 25 tickets (2 rows) for my Wedding party AND my wife's Boston area family -- and the crowd was chanting off/one another "Let's go Yank-eees!!! Let's go RED SOX!" over & over for 10-mins on end... intensely, and ALL IN FUN. No fights, nothing thrown... then, at least.

    Worst fans, are Mets fans away (smug suburban Long Islanders & NJ-ites especially) -- don't judge NY fans from the guys from the suburbs, that haven't really seen ANY other men, other than at work.

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    I have been in Angels Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Petco Park and whatever the name is of that sauna in Miami in Red Sox gear. Everyone treats you with respect/ignores you, except the Yankee fans. There is just too much history there. It makes it fun.

    As for your experience, I could never understand why a Yankee fan would show up at Fenway for a Red Sox--Tigers game in Yankee gear. Wear Tiger gear for Heaven's sake. Of course you are going to be the most loathed person in the park.

    Actually wearing a Yankee hat in the City of Boston is not the brightest of moves as a general matter.

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    Not to sound cliche, but I try to go by the "golden rule"--treating others the way I want to be treated. As long Yankee fans aren't totally and completely disrespectful to me, I'm fine with them. But if they go beyond the "Red Sox suck" insults, I get a little annoyed and defend my team. Otherwise, I've had conversations with Yankee fans numerous times at Fenway Park and they were (mostly) all very classy and polite.

    Edit: People throw out ridiculous insults online because they're behind a computer screen. They have time to plan what they're going to say and come up with clever comebacks. I bet that 90% of the kids on Y!A wouldn't say the things they type to someone's face. They feel safe because they know that they'll never meet anyone they're conversing with on Y!A. I don't know about you, but I find that a bit pathetic. I know there's a saying that goes, "If you wouldn't write it and sign it, don't say it." Well, I think in the online world, it's the other way around.

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    I've been to several different ballparks. With the exception of Phili the home fans treated the visitors with the same respect the visitors showed. Once in Baltimore I actually saw an Oriole fan catch a foul ball. He was an older man. He then turned around and handed it to a little girl wearing a Red Sox cap. Class like that isn't typical. But usually it's almost never physical or rude.

    Now a friend of mine lives in Oakland and has Raider tickets. According to him. It's enemy colors. And those people tend to get beer spilled on them and sometimes even completely ignored by the vendors.

    • why are philly fans such assholes, eagles fans also have a horrible rep.

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    I liek to ask them questions. They probably think I'm weird---hey, I'm a weird guy, I don't deny it! I just ask them questions on their team that take opinions. We always seem to get stuck by Tigers fans. When I was at The Cell vd. the Orioles in 2006, there were some Tigers fans there for some odd reason. But they were very polite and I liked them. I have a lot of relatives from Michigan so I see Tigers fans a lot. Plus, they are baseball fans and came to support their team. Why get mad?

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    I only went to one game to see the Red Sox at Fenway, and the only "rival" I saw near was my dad, and he was wearing a Mets jersey, when the Red Sox were playing the A's. So, I was nice to him...seeing as that he was my ride home, and I wanted some cotton candy. Haha.

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    I really don't treat other fans rude because my mom, who's very strict, is there. If I was there with just my friends than I would go loose. As a Yankees fan I believe that Sox fans take it over the top when it comes to treating other team fans. U got balls to do that stuff.

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    Everytime I go to Tampax Park in San Francisco wearing my blue hat, I get stuff thrown at me (mostly because the Dodgers usually win) because Giants fans are among the most pathetic and classless I've ever seen. I guess it's tough having an empty trophy case. When I'm in Los Angeles, there are hardly ever any Giants fans there, so there's no point. Maybe they don't want to drive 450 miles south just to watch their team lose. Can't blame them.

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    I think it depends... As a Braves fan, I don't remember seeing a lot of crap when I did get to go to games. I noticed that people just let the other fans do their thing.

    I've found that living up north, it's a little more brutal.

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    I don't harass anyone who cheers for the other team in my teams Stadium. I hope to get the same courtesy & respect when i go to Fenway park & Wrigley Field later this year.

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