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Maplestory guild?

How do i make a guild in maplestory?

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    Ignore the other answer, it's incorrect mostly.

    You need to head to Orbis (From Victoria island, you need to goto top right of Ellinia for Orbis Ship.)

    Goto the top left of orbis to the Guild Headquarters. You need 6 people (yourself included) in a party all in the room at the same time.

    To make a guild costs 1.5 Milllion. An emblem costs 5 Million. Upgrades to the guild size start at 500,000, 1 Million, 1.5 Million, 2 Million and so on, as you expand. It maxes out at 5 Million. You can upgrade your guild to 100 people size if you want, but I calculated this costs around 75 Million including everything.

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    i havent played in a year but you need a couple million mesos and you have to visit a couple people in different worlds...first person is a house in this world where you get there by ship...then you need like 7 ppl or something with you

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