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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicComics & Animation · 1 decade ago

Mizutoki said: "ANSWER THIS POLL THING!"?

Okay, this poll/ survey/ anything else that could be categorized under that is fairly simple. I just want to know how many people agrees with me.

Is C&A becoming a little clique-ish lately????

[im ok with it. because well we deserve to have

fun and if that means having to deny some people

then im okay with it. but, be honest!!!!!]

Because, I realized that many people have been

asking questions like:

"Who is your C&A crush?"

"What is a C&A regular?"

"Who is popular around here?"

Honestly, I don't care that much about it because,

well, we deserve it. But still, lately

the amount of popularity questions have

been drastically increasing. Just

look at this graph of all the data I had one

of my subordinates gather for me.

this represents the amount of questions

that are popularity related over a specific


[the dates are kind of written wrong. so dont mind

the numbers. lol.]


yeah. you DEFINITELY answered wrong chu. lol.

but, i kinda like this popularity thing.

[and not for the reasons people think.]

i just like how close we have become.

i look forward to logging on to yahoo

everyday. dont you guys?





it helps us know who the people

that actually are here to stay

and not just create a temporary

account that they ONLY

use once a year. lol.



Update 2:

to the 14th answerer [im sorry i didnt get you're name. lol.^^]

anyway, im 15. IM NOT A LITTLE KID. sorry if i sound angry but don't assume things that you have no true info on. like caninforever its just as old as you are. [maybe older. i forget]

and heather w, is like 34 years old.

[sorry i didnt mean to reveal your age heather]


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Yeah, I kinda understand what you are saying...

    If you look at my weekly points... you can see why.

    I come on here... and the questions... just aren't the same...

    I enjoy those awesome, in-depth anime questions that people used to ask... (not just about Naruto and Bleach and all that...)

    I miss them, you know?

    I enjoy answering people's qustions...

    but now...

    when I go on...

    All I see are polls (and not fun, varied ones) and these random questions... and yes, I do answer some of them (on occasion) but it has gotten to the point where I see one and I would skip it...

    If there are like 20 of them a day... I only answer about 2 of them. I do check them out... and even star quite a few of them (well, the interesting ones)... but yeah...

    and I know that it is also an easy 2 points... but that aside.. it's boring!

    I used to come on here all the time.... rounding up more than 100-200 pts a day... and now... it's already wed and I only have 150ish points? That really says something.

    I do enjoy those random questions at times... but my faves will always be the REAL anime questions, where I can actually discuss and answer questions that I know!!

    Um.... yeah... You get what I mean ^^

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  • 1 decade ago

    Is C & A becoming a little clique-ish lately?

    Um yeah, but that is what makes this area the best i guess. I mean yeah it gets a little tiring seeing all the whos your fav character questions, there really isn't any thought provoking questions except the ones i post. I guess if there were more of them i would be on more than i am oh well.

    Who is your C&A Crush?

    Don't think i have one, nope don't have one. oh well i am suprised chu has one on me though.

    What is a C&A regular?

    A regular is one that comes on here daily, or at least comes on alot.

    Who is popular around here?





    naruto uzumaki when he was on here


    all the regulars i guess

    i know i wasn't suppose to answer the last three i just did it anyways i am bored so whatever.

    Edit- It took me a couple of reads to get what you meant about me, and yeah i am older, but i still don't have a crush not because everyones younger its just i can't have a crush on anyone i don't know.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I certainly think there is are a number of messages that would qualify as "clique-ish," and some folks are attempting to treat this venue as if it were their own living room, but I more or less know who is who and which questions aren't really going to be questions, so I don't read everything. I am getting tired of all the messages that are basically challenges to trolls, real or imaginary, and I think there is too much tension. Still, I'm not about to give up on this section just yet, and it isn't that hard to just ignore some folks, pro or anti-anime.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, there have been a lot of popularity questions lately, but that's okay. I have not been as active as I would like to be, but I have enjoyed reading all the questions and have answered as many as I could. Like one writer mentioned, there are some good questions lurking in the darkness. There does seem to a lot of the what you call cliquish questions, but most of them have been more anime-related. I like hearing where everyone lives, what anime you all like, yada, yada, yada Does anyone think there is a relation to the type of questions in C & A and the trolling reports? Most of you have been C & A regulars longer than I have and you know more than I do about the questions. I can understand your concern though..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lol, nice graph...

    I agree, popularity questions need to go. Let's get back to what C&A was made for- Interesting anime related questions, or anime related answers you are looking for.

    Some people have gotten out of control with the randomness, and that seems to be all they do...

    Repeated questions have always been a problem though- I really don't know what we can do about that.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is C&A becoming a little clique-ish lately????

    >> I think it always has been.

    "Who is your C&A crush?"

    >> No one really. (If people are complaining to me about this... then >Jazmin< or Canine4e...)

    "What is a C&A regular?"

    >> Me. You. Heather W. Blank Kun. ETC.

    "Who is popular around here?"

    >> My old account. it was a hit back then, lol... T_T

    [Edit] Did I answer it wrong? lol

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  • I guess it has become some sort of Y!A clique... I don't think it's bad, unless someone decides to become C&A dictator and kick me out TT-TT

    That would be bad.

    Who cares about everyone else! This is our clique we can rule Comics and Animation however we want!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes..I agree with u....

    But there are lots of other good questions out there worth taking a look at....well for me...but I think its fun to answer people's questions...

    If someone asked something stupid...just dont answer them cause some people make no sense and like to waste other people's time...

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, it has been kind of strange. But hey, hidden in the shadows are some good questions too. Just need to keep your eyes open.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think as long as you are the most popular (which you are), the data shouldn't matter :D

    But you're right, there have been a lot of these questions lately.

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