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Should You Pay Sales Tax On Internet Shopping?

As bargain-hunters know, you don’t have to pay sales taxes on Internet purchases unless the vendor has a store, office or distribution center in your state. But due to budget shortfalls, many states say they need the estimated $15 billion that Internet sales taxes would generate. Congress soon will debate a bill allowing at least 22 states to require most online sellers to collect sales taxes. Retailers like the online marketplace eBay disagree with it. Says eBay spokesperson Kim Rubey, “Given the economy right now, we believe it’s not the time to impose a major new tax burden on small businesses that use the Internet for sales.” Should Internet sales be taxed?

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    Naw... take the $15 billion away from the war and other such pointless things and we'll be good, sales tax be damned.

    Besides, since sales tax is State based, it doesn't make sense to charge sales tax when buying from a different state (ie: the tax is on the goods to go to the State... if you aren't a resident of that State, then you're paying tax for something you're not getting back).

    There's plenty of money in the budget... it just needs to be used better.

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    OMG, this will kill the American economy if true. With most business trying to make a transition to some or all internet selling, we will have major problems for small business.

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