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Why is "Astrology" listed under "Entertainment?"?

Isn't a real and valid science, as is physics or chemistry? I'm confused.

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    There is no one place for all the unproved paranormal stuff on Y!A to go. Though this is very much wanted.

    No, astrology is not a science, it's a form of divination. But it can and has been tested often enough to say that it can not do better than chance.

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    Entertainment HELLO! Its listed under that because its FUN for some people. Just because you personally don't find it entertaining doesn't mean no one else should!! Just because it NOT A VALID SCIENCE doesn't take away from the fact that sooooo many people study it and have FUN with it!!!!! Maybe you should get out more.........just a thought Dr!

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    It could be considered an art, so might fit into the 'Arts and Sciences' section that way, but it does not conform to the current idea of a science.

    Much of our idea of what is and what is not a science has been thought out in recent times by two philosophers, particularly Karl Popper:

    Thomas Kuhn was the other one - his ideas seemed sometimes to contradict Karl Popper, as he talked about cases where knowledge did not progress smoothly from one conclusion to the next, but changed direction in jumps or 'paradigm changes'.

    Thomas Kuhn

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    Because most posts here are of the sun-sign astrology type (which is what Joe Public thinks astrology is), which IS just entertainment ?

    To me, astrology proper is a science. Certainly as valid as any science 'proven' by observation and statistics (eg. medicine).



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  • no it isnt considered a valid science...more of a theory. Most scientists don't accept astrology as science, more of a tool they use in studying astronomy because the ancients used it as astronomy. If you ask me it should be, but in this country the Christians would protest...government politicians won't allow it because they won't be re-elected.

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    It's not recognized as a valid science of factual data....that being said, I have wondered why it isn't listed under Mythology or Religion/Spirituality.

  • Okay, you don't like astrology. You made your point. Just let people have their fun with it. There is no need to be angry about it.

    Maybe you are confusing it with astronomy.

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    people usually check their horoscope when they are bored and have nothing to do. just for time pass because most people know it's not totally real

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    If it is a pencil and paper form, "Mixed" is always an option; write it in and let the idiots who designed it cope with the problems. Any question about people except "Living or Dead?" should have an option for people who don't fit any of the common answers. If it is a true Nationality question, and you are a citizen of the USA, choose that. Nationality and Ethnicity are different. The day after a half-Nigerian, half-Norwegian person takes his naturalization oath, he is as American as someone whose family came over on the Mayflower. If it is a computer form, leave it blank. If you have to fill it in to get the stupid machine to continue, pick Caucasian if you want to make the machine happy, or pick the one you feel like that day.

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    Are you telling me you've never been entertained by stars?

    You need to get out more ;-)

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