Dog in car all day?

Okay, so, for the past two days, we noticed that there is this douchebag that leaves his dog in his parked car outside my house all day. He was there yesterday for like 2 hours, possibly more, and he is there again today. Not sure for how long. My mom says she thinks since 1pm, now it is 3:38pm!! What the hell?! I tried calling the spca yesterday, and this lady spoke to me, and said there is nothing they can do if he is inside the car. I don't think so, the poor dog has been trapped inside the car, I don't know if it is cold or hot or what in there....but with no heating or window open, probably no food or water. I live in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Is there anywhere I can call, SPCA is already useless...would it be okay to call the police...or what do I do?!?!? :|


No, I am not a busybody or a nosy neighbour. But are obviously an idiot. I care about animals, and I don't think it is fair that this guy is leaving his dog in his car, for not only 10 minutes, to a hour, but all day with nothing to do, no fresh air, just sitting in a cold car.

Update 2:

So, it is now almost 6:30pm, and the dog is still in there. My mom called the SPCA at 4, and they said that if we notice that the dog is in there over night or doesn't have any food or water, to call back. And she just called again now to the SPCA, and they said that there is nothing they can do. To call the police and make a ''complaint''. Even though that poor dog has been sitting there for almost 7 hours! And it is not the first time! My mom told me she's since that dog in there multiple times, but never that long. Man, I swear, people are stupid...

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    DON'T approach the neighbor. If this person is neglecting their animal for hours, Lord knows what they are doing that makes them lose all track of time (i.e. drugs or drinking). Call the police, tell them there is an abandoned dog trapped in a car by a careless owner and you believe the dog's in distress (must have a screaming bladder or a dry tongue by then) and you want them to send out an officer immediately. Tell them where the owner is visiting, and tell them you wish to be anonymous. You're right. People who neglect their pets are the lowest form of scum. When I think of how I have pampered by dog and my cats, I cringe when I hear these stories.

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    Depending on where you live leaving the dog in the car may or may not be illegal. This varies greatly from county to county, city to city, etc. Also the climate makes a big difference. Cars are like little overs / fridges and have extremes of temperature, even with the windows cracked. Depending on your geography, the dog's life could be in danger staying in the car. (Or the dog could happily be chilling out and used to this life style, it depends.) You could put in a call to your local police non-emergency line and/or your animal control department and talk to them. They'd be able to give you guidance about the laws of your municipality. It is true though, most animal "shelters" in the US (not all, but the majority) are kill shelters. So your mom's feedback is valid as well. Good luck!

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    Try Ringing The Police And Maybe See What They Could Do. If Not Is There No Other Animal Rescue Centre Place You Could Ring?

    : )

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    i do not know the law in the local authorities to see if something can be done....i live in florida and it gets pretty hot here...once when we were at lunch the police came and got a guy from inside the restaurant we were at and took his dog that was in his car away....i dont know how people can stand to treat animals that way...a couple of minutes to go in and pay for gas is one thing but to go shopping or to eat lunch for an hour is cruel

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    I'd say call the police, whether its a hot day or not, the dog can still die as if it was a hot day in the sun. Its animal cruelty call the police, and see what they do!

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    No window open?

    That should be animal cruelty. I don't know what the laws are in Canada, but they should take that dog away from the man.

    I say call the police; what do you have to lose?

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    Find out what your police non-emergency number is and call that. They will most likely be able to help you. Especially because you don't really know what the weather will bring from day to day. March is always weird, with temperature fluctuations and all.

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    ok so you need to find specific patterns in the time of day he comes back to the car. when he is at the car call either the police or the SPCA.

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    In California, we call the police and they get in serious trouble. It's a very serious offense to leave an animal or child in the car, they are almost equally punished.

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    Yes, u can call the police, or the pound or something. I would call the police though. this is breaking the law so call the police. But then again, i wuold talk to the guy to streighten this out with him. (He might have problems or something)

    Whatever works with u.

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