Organic Jarred Food vs. Homemade...what's the difference?

Since most organic jarred foods have no additives or preservatives and are just fruit(or)veggie & water...why are they be considered different from homemade food. I am stuck in the middle of making my own or buying organic. I don't see the problem with organic if it is still all there something I'm not reading about?

#1 - I know making my own will be cheaper which is not a concern.

#2 - Jarred food is defiantly more convenient, (working mom here).

# 3 - Not interested in "baby-led weaning" system.


Oh..and besides the fact there are more choices with homemade food.

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    The only advantage of making your own over jarred food is cost. Some things, like bananas, just don't require any prep, so buying them is sort of pointless. As far as safety, jarred baby food CAN have recalls, but your homemade organic food can also be contaminated with e.coli. Jarred food is also safer to use away from home. Restaurant food can be contaminated. Your MIL may not cook things to your satisfaction. Your homemade food could melt early and be laden with bacteria by the time you feed baby at the mall.

    I would add that meat made at home smells better than jarred meat, but if you have ever canned your own meat, you realize that it is the process of canning that gives that odd odor.

    <<Loaded with crap the baby doesn't need.>>

    Yeah, right. Some people just want to stay on their bandwagon. Jarred food has changed dramatically in 20 years. Gerber is also organic.

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    well, the way I see it are those foods are just a label and a promise, whereas if you make your own you know what is in there 100%. But unless you are actually growing your own veggies and such the only difference is I'm sure the jarred foods contain some type of preservative. If thats not an issue for you, then feel free to use one or the other or a combo of both...homemade when you have the time and jarred when you are on the run.

  • Well, let's see - jarred is like the "fast food" of baby food. Loaded with crap the baby doesn't need. Homemade is much healthier and you know what your baby is eating. Check out It's a site with recipes for baby that you can make yourself.

    The problem with jarred foods is that being mass produced you cannot be sure of the quality of the food your baby is getting. For example, do you think they catch every spoiled carrot, sweet potato, etc that goes in? They are mixing HUGE batches of the stuff at a time and it's just not possible for them to weed out all the spoiled food from the batch.

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    I'm thinking about making my next baby's food as well. I was actually looking it up yesterday and found some good sites. The first one tells how to do it, and the next two are just some things I found that would probably be useful when doing it from home.

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    The major difference would depend on food you use to make your homemade baby food. If it is conventionally grown vegetables, fruit, or grains than you are still using foods grown using chemicals and pesticides. If it is important to you not to have these things in your food, then purchase organic foods to make your baby food out of.

    Most organic, commercially-prepared do not have the sugars and added ingrediants of conventional baby foods. If the environment is a factor for you, consider that commercially-prepared foods require additional processing, shipping, and packaging compared to making it yourself.

    Also, make sure to do your research on the "organic" claims that large companies make. Sometimes they just say it's organic so they can charge more when it is really not. Case in point - see this article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding Target store brand "organic" milk.

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    From the farmers perspective they love baby food because the baby food industry will take the vegetables no on else will take. This is true in the organic baby food area as well.

    So for the highest quality buy your own ingredients and make it your self.

    Make a week's worth ahead of time and freeze it to make it more convenient for you and don't worry if you have to buy pre-made/processed food on occasion. But remember the food you make yourself is ALWAYS better than processed food you buy. These companies value profit over people, after all.

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    I use both. My baby eats what we eat, but some of the organic foods are yummy like the sweet potato chicken and bananas peaches and rice...when i don't make us a dinner he can have, I use the jarred organic foods. They are so much better than gerber. No additives and no starches or sugar added.

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    Well, you pretty much said them all. With homemade food, you know exactly whats in them - no questions..

    I always used jars. I have a big family and its just easier and I know how much my son is eating and I knew the consistency of the food would be good.

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    You can control the freshness and quality of the foods used if you make your own. I made all vegetables for my son; it's not really that hard nor that time consuming once you do it a couple of times and get the hang of it.

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    Look at this web-site it has a lot of information about making your own baby food.

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