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1. Which of the following was a major post-war goal of the United States? (1 point)

testing the atom bomb

bringing democracy to conquered European nations

dividing Germany into four occupied zones

signing a treaty with the Soviet Union

2. How did the Soviet Union gain political control in postwar Europe? (1 point)

They signed a peace treaty with Germany.

They allowed free elections in Eastern Europe.

They established satellite nations.

They invaded Eastern Europe


3. A major goal of the Truman Doctrine was (1 point)

to support free peoples in Europe.

to give aid to Great Britain.

to drive Communists from Eastern Europe.

to raise the iron curtain.

4. The United States promoted economic aid to Europe through (1 point)

the Berlin airlift.

the Marshall Plan.

the containment policy.

the United Nations.

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    I think Brenda S. already posted these!

    However, if you want help, try letting us know which answers you picked and we'll tell you if you're right or wrong!

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    all i can say is something about americans puttin our boot up the autsies ***

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