What's like for a 16 year old living in Alabama, who just got out of high school && came down from NYC???

Would I be completely bored??

If not what is there to do?

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    You're going to have to get used the to country, depending on where you are going to move. You will also slowly earn yourself, a little bit of southern Draw in otherwise-you will get a accent.

    It's going to be hard, especially moving from The Big Apple, but you'll get used to it. Buy a Four wheeler, and ride it around the country, that's always fun. If your high matince (spelling?) you're going to have to get over that.

    Honestly, Coming from New York City, you will probably, be a little bored. New York City has all kinds if things to do, and see.

    But Alabama, will still have, Movies, and footballl games, and all the same things, a regular city would have, but it's definately, not NYC.

    I'm not from Alabama, I'm from Ohio, but, mos of my family lives there, so I know what its like, to be down there for a month, every summer.


    There's a list of attractions, by city.

    Here are some Museums:

    Anniston: Hitler's Tea Service

    Anniston: World's Largest Chair Contender

    Bessemer: Hitler's Typewriter

    Birmingham: Vulcan Iron Man

    Birmingham: Racist Hell Hounds sculpture

    Birmingham: Statue of Liberty Replica [tips]

    Brundidge: Car Bumper Chicken

    Carrollton: Lightning Portrait of Henry Wells

    Cherokee: Coon Dog Cemetery

    Childersburg: DeSoto Caverns

    Clanton: Big Peach statue

    Clanton: Big Peach Water Tower

    Clayton: Whiskey Bottle Tombstone

    Cullman: Ave Maria Grotto

    Decatur: Pest Control Exhibit

    Dothan: Peanut Capital of the World

    Dothan: Monument to the Hog

    Elkmont: Saturn 1B Rocket

    Enterprise: Boll Weevil Monument

    Huntsville: Grave of Miss Baker, Space Monkey

    Huntsville: US Space and Rocket Center

    Mentone: Church Built Around a Rock

    Mobile: Battleship USS Alabama

    Sub USS Drum [tips]

    Mobile: Eichold-Heustis Medical Museum

    Montgomery: The MOOseum

    Northport: Huge red dog, fire ant

    Northport: McD's - Reagan Ate Here

    Prattville: W. C. Rice's Cross Garden [tips]

    Scottsboro: Rock Animal Zoo

    Scottsboro: Unclaimed Baggage Center

    Seale: Museum of Wonder

    Summerdale: Spear Hunting Museum

    Sylacauga: Gravity Hill

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    Depends a whole lot on where you're going to live in Alabama. Birmingham? Huntsville? Mobile? Or in one of the numerous small towns?

    But .... anyone can be completely bored if they don't try to find something to spark their interest! Just don't act like you're better than other kids your age.

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