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What is the full form of eg?

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eg means, for example
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The correct way to write it would be e.g.

exempli gratia

Main Entry: e.g.
Function: abbreviation
Etymology: Latin exempli gratia

for example


for example; for the sake of example; such as.


[Origin: < L exemplī grātiā]
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eg, e.g. [ˌiː ˈdʒiː] — abbreviation from Latin

exempli gratia; for example
Example: tropical fruit, e.g. mango, pineapple and avocado Arabic: مَثَلا
Chinese (Simplified): 例如
Chinese (Traditional): 例如(縮寫式)
Czech: např. (zkratka)
Danish: f.eks.; fx
Estonian: nt (lühend sõnast näiteks)
French: par ex.
Greek: παραδείγματος χάριν (συντομογρ.)
Indonesian: misalnya
Italian: per esempio*
Latvian: piem.; piemēram
Lithuanian: pvz. (pavyzdžiui)
Norwegian: f.eks., for eksempel
Polish: np.
Portuguese (Brazil): por exemplo
Russian: например
Slovak: napr.
Slovenian: na primer
Spanish: por ejemplo
Swedish: t.ex.
Turkish: örneğin; meselâ

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary (Beta Version), © 2000-2006 K Dictionaries Ltd.
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  • Laura S answered 7 years ago
    exempli gratia

    It's latin.
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  • what is the full form of eg?
    eg means, for example
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