What happened to the Democratic party of JFK?

When did it become the Communist Democratic and Socialist Democratic party? or more important, Why?

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    The discontent with the Viet Nam war and the emergence of the media, to distort public opinion, allowed socialists to worm their way into the democratic party.

    The media played a huge role; as technology grew, the media soon realized (Nixon) they can spin their preferred agenda by discriminating against people who oppose socialism and a welfare society. The members of the media are over 90% leftists. Only in the last ten years, have an alternative opinion been allowed to speak through the media (Rush, Sean, Fox, etc). The hatred of alternative opinion is basically liberals belief that they are entitled to have 100% control of the media.

    Although liberals are in denial of their party's allegiance to socialism and over-throwing the way of life, that our veterans and forefathers sacrificed and fought for... Make no mistake the attacks & hatred by liberals- family, faith, patriotism, marriage and capitalism are directly from the socialist power of the democratic party. They have to tear down the country to build it back up as a socialized state.

    The causes of liberals- racism, are over, the laws have been changed. That's why they have to regurgitate past sins, to make people believe their cause is needed. Instead of following Dr King's message to heal wounds, bring the races together and forgive- liberals pervert Dr King's message and support false leaders to gain political power. Liberals defy Dr King's message and exploit the minority they claim to support.

    Today, there are no JFK democrats because people with respect for their country and our way of life will have nothing to do with the democratic party.

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    I was a Democrat for many years, until they went so far left that I couldn't stand it. I wish they would become the party of JFK again. It seems like they have a socialist agenda now.

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    1 decade ago

    Sad, Huh?

    If the Democratic party of today were more like JFK's....


    The following is a short list of why the democratic party of today is a failure.

    Ted Kennedy

    Barbara Boxer

    Nancy Peloci

    Harry Reid

    "Little" Dick "Turbin" Durbin

    John Kerry

    Hillary and Bill Clintoon

    John Murtha

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    4 years ago

    Why have conservatives fallen in love with Kennedy unexpectedly? that's like the 4th question i have considered praising Kennedy's democratic social gathering. Cons and Republicans hated Kennedy as a lot contained in the Sixties and they hate Obama immediately

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    1 decade ago

    The Democratic Party has always been for

    the people. In spite of all these ridiculous

    stereotypes. Does that mean since the

    days of Regan. When did it become

    Fascist, Totalitarianist. The Republicans

    I mean.....

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