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What have you experienced with CoQ10? Coenzyme Q10 - ubiquinone - Co Q10?

I started taking CoQ10 because a friend was taking it. Before that I had been having the kind of searing, throbbing tooth pain that I recognized (from experience) would surely require a root canal. I was crossing my fingers that the tooth would last until I could get insurance. Well not only did the tooth pain go away, but my gums stopped hurting and got thicker and pinker, and my teeth stopped being sensitive. The tooth pain never came back. The only thing I was doing differently at the time was the CoQ10, so of course I give it all the credit, although I can't know for sure. I guess I could stop taking it, to know for sure, but why?

Please share your experiences with CoQ10, positive and negative. I'm especially interested to hear if anyone had similar results with thier teeth/gums.


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    It made me nauseaus and tired for a while. But that went away in a couple of weeks.

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  • 3 years ago

    i'm assuming that in case you have this mitochondrial affliction, your physique can't produce the enzyme... only like in case you have diabetes your physique does no longer produce insulin. All i be conscious of approximately coq10 is that's sturdy for the middle. This drug is relatively new and nevertheless being studied.

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