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Information on Japanese High School?

When does the Japanese High School year start (month)? When do they take summer vacation and when does it end?

What usually goes on after summer vacation, are there any other events that take place?

I need this information for a story I am writing.

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    Not all of Japanese High have same standard but begins around on April 8 mostly. The first term ends mid-July and they take Summer vacation until LH-August or around Aug. 31 mostly.

    The second term starts around on Sep. 1 and stops around on Dec.20. Then it follows Winter vacation until around Jan. 8 or FH-Jan mostly.

    The third term follows then and finishes around on Mar. 20 and Spring vacation happens accordingly until next school year visits.

    Some limited schools may take small vacation during Oct. for letting pupils support to their family's rice harvest but not popular now.

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    The school year in Japan starts in April and ends in March (so does business and fiscal years, btw).

    High school summer vacation in Tokyo is usually starts around July 20 and lasts until the end of August, but can be shorter in colder regions where they have longer winter break.

    In fall, many schools hold a sports day and/or school cultural festival.

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    the instructions 3 hundred and sixty 5 days in Japan starts in April and finally ends up in March (so does commerce and financial years, btw). intense instructions summer time expedition in Tokyo is maximum in all probability starts around July 20 and lasts till the top of August, regardless of the undeniable fact that still is shorter in less warm aspects wherein they have longer iciness holiday. In fall, many faculties shield a actual events day and/or instructions cultural opposition.

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