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Do you think that current Government policies will push voters towards the BNP?

I'm talking about white Britons who can't get housed and then see successful asylum seekers being given 3 bedroom council houses for their families, or people who are struggling to make ends meet and hear about interpreters being hired to help immigrants with their benefit claims.

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    It may push some, but it won't ever push me. With only 0.7% of the population voting for the BNP at the last general election, I doubt they will get an MP in the next, let alone enough to tip the balance of power.

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    The BNP is a useful protest tool but really only a holding operation until such time as a more insistent and better organised party can be formed. working in local government i can certainly confirm that asylum seekers get priority in housing. In addition to this there are a huge number of govt financed ethnic 'advocacy' groups working with local councillors to ensure 'their' people get the pick of the best social housing available. The end result is the ethnic cleansing of white Britons from much of London.

    If you dont like the BNP and Spacephantom has correctly pointed out that their polcy of voluntary repatriation is costly and unrealistic- the NF is standing in the GLA elections-

    Source(s): me- ex-leftist who has been mugged by reality- (google- iamanenglishman- really informative site)
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    It's already happened in Barking where British whites have voted strongly enough for the BNP for that party to now be the official opposition. How long before they become the leading party on the council? Anyone's guess.

    We've seen all of this before - a few years back on the Isle of Dogs. Just didn't go anywhere beyond that and nor will Barking have any effect on the rest of the country either.

    The UK ain't blinking an eye on this because their support is no longer from the working class, but comes mainly from so-called Middle-England voters who are not swimming in a dark sea.


    YouTube - bnp interview local person

    interview with local man who has suffered racist abuse.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Race abuse is not a one way street - as the above clearly shows. When native British whites feel threatended they may very well start to 'do' something and first off they're going to see what the BNP stands for and if it can do anything for them and their situation.

    In spite of what people on here may think, I'm not a BNP supporter. I'm just concerned about it's rise and why Labour is not focused on the reason for it.

    For that last ten years we have had mass uncontrolled immigration into the UK. It is causing serious problems here. Labour are asleep because the leadership thereof do not live in Dags or anywhere else there happens to be race abuse against Whites.

    Source(s): GREENWICH 190308.0833GMT
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    They already have and I am now a UKIP voter; the Labour government is just about to go out of office for decades. This is due to the current mood in the UK against the mass immigration of millions of people from the poorest parts of the world.

    I believe British people are particularly concerned about an estimated 2,000,000 Muslim population now in the UK.

    A fiction writer could not think of it, they have a war with Islam and at the same time allow Muslims into the UK in 100s of 1000s

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    No, why would you be that stupid! Why are you so bitter about people who are fleeing violence and torture being rehoused in a scummy area? They dont actually chose to leave their lives and families they do it out of necessity. I would rather that my taxes went to look after people who were down on their luck like asylum seekers who will probably have jobs in a few years than people who choose not to work (to raise kids when they cant afford not to work without benefits, junkies, alcoholics and the plain bone idle).

    IMMIGRANTS DON'T GET BENEFITS, HOUSING ETC. They have to support themselves - is this going to start a rant about how they are taking all the jobs?

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    Although I do not like it, I think that the failure of our current policies and the lack of opposition policies will do just that. It is not just an immigration issue, it is the constant undermining of the normal family, it is being taxed out of sight, it is people who cannot now afford mortgages etc.

    There is a total disregard of "normal" peoples views. I am sorry to say it, but where I live global warming is a long way down a very long list of gripes.

    I think that it will be inevitable that there will be a leaning to more extreme political parties, and that for me will be a great shame.

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    It says alot about UK if a racist party is allowed to stand. i don't think alot of countries around the world will allow such. Its funny how people support all that BNP stands for then the next day, they go to work; smiling and appearing to be friendly with people of other races.

    If one does not agree with the policy of their government, they can vote that part out but not support some racist party. It shows peoples true intentions.

    Its like a murderer or someone with past crimes in attempted murder standing for london Mayor with some good issues addressing the people. Is that ok to vote for him?

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    Well it's a toughie, however I think that most people are fed up with nearly all politicians now, including the BNP, hence the ever decreasing turnouts at the last elections. So some may feel the BNP represents them in some of their policies and therefore may vote for the BNP but I strongly think the majority of people will rather chose not to vote at all.

    I know loads of people who although fed up with New Labour have told me they don't plan on voting come the next election as it is simply not woth it now. You get rid of one bunch of corrupt, incompetant scumbags and replace them with more corrupt, incompetant scumbags.

    The BNP are just a one trick pony (immigration) and are just generally considered the protest vote, I myself have used them as such but now realise no matter who gets in, we are going to have a clone of the last Govt.

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    The disenfranchisement of Britons under new labour has pushed the voters to other parties...

    to which ones and how many - the next election will show.

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    There are several contributors on this site who keep spilling out old hat Crap. The BNP And UKIP are the only political parties listening to the Native Briton and deserve to do well at the next election. They are standing up to mainstream parties that are riddled with fraud and other criminal activity. I mean: its every day you hear about it. Usually Labour but Tories and Liberals are catching up. Just look at the latest disgrace (the Tory councillor rigging votes at a council election) but we have heard it before haven't we? with New Labour; New Labour' tried to rig the election votes against the BNP remember.

    I passed a school of kids to day and counted the number of ethnics in one class, 27 black, one white girl and two white boys, in London every class is the same.You need to ask why the BNP are doing so well? well the answer is clear even to most of the tribal mainstream parties : lies about immigration cannot be hid any more.

    What kind of government increases immigration quotas from 50000 a year to 250000 a year, knowing the Native is totally against the mass immigration policy. New Labour don't really care, this country is millions of pounds in debt and they are still spend spend and spend most of it on wars and hand outs to immigrants that are British but can't speak a word of English.

    The BNP are the only party to expressly say that they will tighten up the borders to prevent illigals entering, strenghen the New Labour policy of encouraging those that want to go home to do just that with the same incentives New Labour have applied, the only difference being is, unlike New Labour it will be a one off payment and no return for another payment.

    The reverse racialists (you know every one else is a racialist but them-- hatred of the Native community don't count---- to hate you own community is OK) have had it their way to long. It is time for change and the average guy on the street is ready to scrifice his tribal vote for one that counts and the BNP are on their way up thank god. A vote for the BNP is a vote for good old real British common sense.

    ATB Red

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