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我和我的同事被公司管理層強迫拍片 !!!

本人為一間連鎖式傢俱店的營業員 , 公司管理層以提升銷售質素為由要求全體同事放工後留在店內進行角色扮演(每星期一次) , 近日更要求我們在角色扮演的過程中要同時錄影,而在事前是沒有任何咨詢 , 亦無表示該片的用途 , 很多同事為求保住飯碗不敢反抗 , 請問我和我的同事可以怎樣做 , 望法律界的朋友幫忙解決 , 謝謝 !


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    Rape is a form of assault where one individual forces another to have sexual intercourse against that person’s will. It may be defined as forcing a person to submit to any sex act, and is generally considered one of the most serious sex crimes, as well as sometimes very difficult to prosecute. Sexual violence can also be a war crime under international law. Consent may be absent due to duress arising from the use, or threat, of overwhelming force or violence, or because the subject's capacity to give consent is negated some way: such as developmental disability, intoxication or being underage. In some cases, coercion might also be used to negate consent.

    There is no universally accepted distinction between rape and other forms of assault involving one or both participant's sexual organs. When the term "rape" is used, some criminal codes explicitly consider all kinds of forced sexual activity to be rape, whereas in others only acts involving penis penetration of the vagina. In recent years, women have been convicted of raping men; this is classed as either rape or sexual assault, or some other legal terminology. In some jurisdictions, rape may also be committed by assailants using objects, rather than their own body parts, against the sexual organs of their target. Some places, such as the state of Michigan, USA, do not use the term "rape" at all in criminal codes. MI uses the term "criminal sexual conduct" for acts which colloquially would be referred to as "rape" or "sexual assault".

    The rape of women by men is the most frequent form of the assault, with an estimated 91% of rape victims being female and 9% being male while 99% of offenders are male.

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