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Stock investment

Dear all

I am not a Taiwan resident but I have a Taiwan bank and security a/c. I would like to ask some queries about the charges involved in the security transaction.

As far as I know that the charges include bank commission, tax, custody fee, dividend collection fee etc. Are these all?

By the way, what is the amount for the above fees?

Besides, where can I check the dividend offer by each listed company?



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    Dear sir,

    The commission fee is 0.001425 per transaction

    Tax is 0.003 per "sell" transaction.

    All others for for stock investment should be free.

    Most of your questions can be find from web

    If you can read Chinese , most of the stock company had published the concerned data.

    For example , you can find the concerned data of TSMC (code: 2330) here.---

    The dividend offer by each listed company Pls ref. here---

    Best regards,

    2008-03-22 11:19:52 補充:

    1. TW50 Pls ref. ---

    It's an index instead of a stock.

    If want to buy you should choose the ETF 0050.

    2. Yes, it's 0.1425% / 0.3 % of total amount.

    And if you want to buy ETF, the tax is only 0.1% (instead of 0.3 %) for ETF/FUND.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thank you very much for your information.

    But I cannot search TW50 in the web

    Can it be traded like general stock?

    Will it distribute dividend?

    2008-03-19 21:02:09 補充:

    "The commission fee is 0.001425 per transaction

    Tax is 0.003 per "sell" transaction."

    0.001425 - 0.1425% of the total amount ?

    0.003 - 0.3% of the total amount ?

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