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He attached fruit baskets overhead on the walls at two ends of the gymnasium, and, using a soccer ball, organized nine-teams to play his new game ____________ (whose / in which / which / that) the purpose was totoss the ball into one basket and to keep the opposing team from

tossing the ball into the other basket.


如果用in which,表示比賽的場所

如果用which /that,表示後面的敍述是用來形容前面的比賽

答案是in which,但是其他用法可以嗎...

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    只能用in which 喔!


    "the purpose was to toss the ball...into the other basket."是一個完整的句子(the purpose是主詞, was是動詞),用來形容 "his new game"(這個遊戲)

    如果用whose, 就應該是: .... to play this new game WHOSE PURPOSE was to toss... (表示比賽的目的)而不會是 whose 又加the.

    如果用which或that, 就會變成是一個以主詞開頭的形容詞子句,也就是說, which/that是子句中的主詞, 後面要找一個動詞,那 the purpose的出現就變成有兩個主詞了.所以也不行.

    唯一能用的是in which, 表示在這個遊戲中的規則是什麼,

    Source(s): 曾在國外教英文的我
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