(英文) 請協助~ 中翻英




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    1 decade ago
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    Thanks a lot for the efforts that you have put in for my job and the assistances of internal personnel and products introductions.

    It is my pleasure to join in this company. I will do my best to enter the condition and assistance company colleagues as soon as possible, meanwhile, I welcome any advices and appreciate others' tolerances in my future position learning processes, thank you!

    2008-03-20 22:38:21 補充:

    I will do my best to enter the condition and [assistance ]…改為assist

    2008-03-21 15:57:10 補充:





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  • 1 decade ago

    Thank the efforts that you make to this job of mine very much and my introduction done toward personnel and products inside the company today, very glad to join your company,I will try my best to help the company colleague in fast entry state at a future date, hope a lot of including and giving us your comments more in the course of studying in the future too at the same time , thanks!

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