Is a man from Hamburg a Hamburger?

If so, what do you think of hamburgers?

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    Yes the male citizens in Hamburg are called Hamburger in German, and a female citizen Hamburgerin. However the people from Berlin are also called Berliner, which is actually also a donut. These names have nothing to do with the food description though, as you can probably imagine.

    And what do I think of Hamburgers????

    Well I am from Hamburg and I love it there. People in other parts of Germany keep saying that the people from the north are as cold as the weather, but I dont think that thats necessarily true. I mean they are a little more distant at the beginning but after a short time they will be very very lovely people. Sadly there are some people that seem a little stuck up and it happens every once in a while that you get treated a little badly. But as far as my experience goes, that can happen everywhere in the world and especially foreigners generally get treated well in Hamburg, as the city is quite touristic.

    People from the north are generally taller than the once from the south and it is said that the combination blonde, blue eyes is more common in the north, but as there are quite a lot of immigrants from all over the world in Germany, I think it is safe to say that the description of Germans, as being tall, blonde and with blue eyes is a little over aged by now.

    So in conclusion I can tell you, the people in Hamburg are great and very friendly people if you give them a chance to be. And most importantly even if there are some cranky people that you feel mistreated by, the city, with its stunning beauty and just amazing aura, will definitely will make it all even again.

    Source(s): I am myself a Hamburger....;) also to get more info on Hamburg, there is a nice page
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    Hamburger People

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    Yes I am a Hamburger.

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany


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    As funny as it sounds: Yes, we call a person from Hamburg a Hamburger.......but a sounds like the second a in "alarm" so the pronounciation is German not the English hamburger.

    Coco K is right. People from Berlin are called Berliner, this is actually a doughnut. But we don't usually think about that.

    Source(s): Native German
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    A man from New York is called a New Yorker, and as other answers have given examples I think your question is answered.

    I vist Hamburg at least twice a year. I love the Hamburgers! And, I am a vegetarian.

    P.S. To answer what you may be wondering; Yes, there are MacDonald's in Hamburg..........

    Source(s): American living over 20 years in Germany(Not with the US Military).
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    A man from Hamburg is a Hamburger, but as someone else correctly pointed out, the 'a' in 'Hamburg' is pronounced like "ah", not as in "at". An American with lousy spelling would hear a German saying "Hamburger", and might spell it as "Homburger". Does that clarify it well enough?

    And yes, a person from Berlin is a Berliner, a person from Frankfurt is a Frankfurter, and a person from Wien (in Austria... the English spelling is "Vienna") is a Wiener. "Wiener" is pronounced like "VEE-ner" in German, however, so it might lose its humor to an unsuspecting American.

    Other German towns follow the same pattern. A Wiesbadener lives in Wiesbaden, a Koelner lives in Koeln (Cologne), an Erfurter lives in Erfurt, an Innsbrucker lives in Innsbruck, a Saarbruckener lives in Saarbrucken, and a Bremener lives in Bremen.

    Source(s): Lived in Germany for several years.
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    Yes he is actually called a Hamburger

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    In America a hamburger can weigh more than a pound and include more than 1,000 calories. In Germany, they are more of a snack. In 1989, Burger King introduced mini-burgers, which are like the common Hamburger of Germany. Unlrestricted by the Tyrannical "pyramid" of the United States, the German diet includes more vegetables and meat than the carb-rich American diet.

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    Yes, Germans call people from Hamburg Hamburger.... people from Frankfurt Frankfurter. People from Berlin... Berliner.

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