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So let me understand: Man is made in God's image, right?

Now I've been told time and again that it's in the spiritual image of god. Yet in the bible this God frequently declares himself as jealous and wrathful. So why would those same qualities in man be sinful? Think about it, by NOT giving in to those qualities like God did (ie. flooding the earth in a fit of anger and then regretting it), then man is, in effect, greater than God. Should man submit to wrath to be more Godlike, or is man greater than God?

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    You're absolutely right! I never thought about it quite like that, but you make a lot of sense.

    Anger, jealousy, temper tantrums, hate (there are at least 7 things God hates), revenge (Do not avenge yourselves, dear friends, but give place to God’s wrath, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Rom 12:19), murder and every other vicious and depraved behavior human beings have been known for is actually a reflection of God!

    For human beings to try to be anything other than what God made them in His image to be -- the most despicable and violent (psychotic schizophrenic) species on planet earth -- would be for human beings to try to exalt themselves ABOVE God and to reject, AND renounce the very Father God to whom they have pledge their allegiance!

    What a brilliant discovery.

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    If God created man in his own image, then man shows us what God is like, right? What you're saying is, if God is benevolent and man is malevolent, then man is not made in God's image. That is logical. But what I say is, God created man with the capacity for ill, and indeed there can be nothing in creation which does not embody polar opposites. I still believe that man is made in the image of god ... and woman too, and that tells you a lot about what God is like. Different from how most Christians imagine him, I fancy.

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    He did not flood the earth and then regret it! Please get your facts straight. Humans are made in God's image so that scriptures that say "become imitators of Him" can make sense. We have been made as free moral agents, with a power of reason and the capacity to develop and live by the qualities mentioned at Gal 5:22.

    The Bible says: Be wrathful - yet do not sin. It clearly shows that wrath can be acceptable - but not like in people avenging themselves today. Jesus had a passionate anger for the house of God - he chucked the money mongers out of the temple - not a fit of rage - a zeal for righteousness.

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    First of all, man will never be as great as God. Second, God never regretted flooding the earth, because God never makes mistakes, he just guaranteed us that he would never do it again. And it is not sinful to be angry but what you do with anger and hurt that can be sinful. Jesus got mad when he discovered the people selling in the temple. He overturned tables even. But both God and Jesus got mad at sin and sinful people. It is not a sin to be mad at sin. But when you turn that anger into some sort of action then it is. And God just like us humans does have a heart too. he does feel anger and sorrow and jealousy and joy. Man will never be greater than God.

    Source(s): Matthew 5:22, 25,26.
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    Why are you trying to fathom the things of God out with a carnal mind. You mind is at enmity with heavenly things, for it cannot perceive it, hence your confusing question.

    God is jealous, but not the jealousy we earthlings experience. His jealousy is got to do with His love for us over the sin we commit, as this defiles us.

    The Whole Bible is written in a heavenly 'Code' and only those who are obedient and have been truly born again by the water and the Spirit (John 3:5), are allowed these keys of the kingdom, which unlocks these mysteries.

    God will not give it to just anybody, but only to His holy and righteous children.

    He is wrathful to those who reject His righteousness, making Him out to be a liar after He came and took all our sins away (1John 5:6-11). Many Christians are doing this but are so ignorant of this great sin before God, they even fight against those who tell them that they are wrong - until they stand before Him on that day (Matt 7:22-23).

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    If you were god would you not be jealous if you created all of creation and people worshiped other thing's? Would you not be wrathful if your creation was perverted by man? It is a sin for us to be jealous because lord will give all you need. He want's you to look to him. It is not for us to take up wrath, it is for him cause it is his creation. He flooded the earth because the fallen angel's had mixed with all the humans. Noah and his family was the only with a pedigree who did not mix with the fallen angel's. Of coarse he would be sorrowfull he love's us all, but rarely get's it in return. I don't think he wanted to flood the eart, but be joyful he did cause it has saved us. no man is not greater than god. We have no idea of the amount of power, or how much love he has to give.

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    The image of the invisible God is Jesus.

    God is not bond by His Laws for He is supernatural

    The Laws for His creatures Are meant to lead us in His direction as well are the virtues which add power to the Christian if practised

    The virtuous man, the perfect man becomes more of a man when he becomes more like Christ which is the image of God

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    As I talk with my wife about this question, I have to agree, it is a good question as was the person who asked if God was a murderer..... Well Literally you both are right. but spiritually you are believing in what you read and providing an answer from your own mind. God is nowhere near mans image. We were created in his, as you said spiritually. The reasons for his anger against mankind or specific persons is for his will. for the end to be what he intends,,, for mankind to learn

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    If your children did everything you told them not to and treated you with disrespect and loved things more than you ,would you be jealous or show any wrath ? and if you were would you sin or would the sin be on the chrildren?

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    "Do not as I do, but as I say and command you to do." So saith the almighty god of Abraham.

    Your point is more "inerrant" than the "inerrant word of "God." Too bad it won't make Christians and other believers in a monotheistic deity take off their blinders. The brainwashing is deep and soapy.

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