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Immunity to monistat?

I have a yeast infection...and yes, I have been diagnosed with this by the doctor (so please don't suggest it's something else, I have already seen the gyno).

Here's the thing...I tried using Monistat 1 and then Monistat 3 before I went to the doctor, and neither of them got rid of the infection completely. When I went to the doctor, she told me I could either do the oral pill or try the 7 day treatment. The pill doesn't work for me, and I'm skeptical about trying the 7 day treatment because I've used monistat twice already recently...has anyone used monistat this much in a short period? Is it okay, or will my body develop an immunity to it?

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    Well, your body can't really develop an immunity to monistat. It's the yeast you're worried about. Here's the thing - if you don't keep blasting it with monistat (and soon) it might continue to mutate and get completely out of control. (This is the same reason why they tell you not to stop taking your antibiotics before your prescription is up, even if you feel better, because if it's not totally gone, then it can mutate and get unmanageable.) Your best bet is to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Take the monistat.

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    1. get a second opinion.

    2. increase yogurt intake.

    3. get acidophilis supplements from your local health store. (GNC, Vitamin Shoppe)

    4. Reduce your sugar intake.

    I don't know if someone can get an immunity to it or not.

    Do you have unprotected sex? You may have given the yeast infection to your partner who, in turn, keeps passing it back to you before you can fully heal.

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