he's not my boyfriend, so i shouldn't feel bad????

my on again off again lover is visiting for a month and we've been hanging out a lot. he calls me everyday and wants to see me all the time even though he has a lot of friends to see, he lives in europe now. he made plans with other people on my birthday and feels bad about it but didn't cancel them. he called me at midnight on the day to wish me a happy but i sort of feel like he was just checking up on me to see if i was out or not. (he seemingly is insecure about me dating) he said he wants to see me tomorrow instead for dinner and wants me to meet his friends. how do i get over being a bit disappointed anyway and not getting emotional over this relationship that will probably go nowhere since he lives far away? he has been unusually attentive but the birthday thing miffs me. snap me back into place please!!!


thanks for the answer but that is not the case, we are struggling with ,living 5,000 miles away from eachother and have gone before without even getting physical in person. it turned out that he called me later and said he finally fullfilled his obligation to meet the friends and was on his way to celebrate with me, even buying tickets to a show for tonight! i'm glad i didn't freak on him, if we lived in the same country things would be different.....

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    It sounds to me like you are just someone he scr*ws when he is in town. Value yourself more.

    I hope you had a nice time on your birthday.

    However, just give this some thought.

    "Not getting emotional over this relationship that will probably go nowhere since he lives far away"

    What, then, are you to him? What would you like to be to him. In reality. 5000 miles. Is that something that is going to change? Is this really a relationship?

    "On again off again" sounds to me like "whenever it's convenient". Like when he comes to this side of the world. Then he goes back to his real life.

    Source(s): Ever hear of "a girl in every port"?
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