did you ever feel sad at the prospect of loosing your baby bump?

and theyre kicks and just knowing that they wont be with you all the time? and knowing that they are safe?

or is it just me?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, I miss ALL about being pregnant!! Its a plenitude feeling. I think I was lucky because I only experienced the good aspects of it. I was never dizzy or something like that... I miss all, all, all about having a baby inside me! Great question!!! I'm happy now, just because you made me think and remember :)) :)) ! My two kids are here, next to me, sleeping........Ohhhhhhhhhh, I miss that so much. :(

    My absolute dream ...having another. I think its not drawned in my future, but THANKS, you made me dream. :))

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    It's odd, but I spent most of both my pregnancies wishing I had my babies out, and wishing I could wear normal clothes again and then I spent about a year after that missing my baby bump like mad!

    I had my dauighter almost 10 months ago, and when I get trapped wind, it sometimes feels like baby kicking and is actually comforting!

    I never felt sad at the prospect of losing the bump, but did (and still do) feel sad after losing it.

    I'm sure your baby will be just as well protected with you as inside you!

    *Mummy to Alex, 6, and Encarni, 9 months*

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    My baby is a week old today and I don't miss the bump!

    I can walk without waddling

    I no longer have to go to the loo every 10 minutes

    The piles are receding

    I'm out of the size 18 knickers

    I no longer have groin ache!

    On the downside I do have a pukey shoulder 22 hours of the day and am being woken up at 1am, 3am, 5am --- and the washing pile has doubled but hey - on balance I'd say it's preferable to looking like a hippo :)

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    Yep, have to confess albeit I have had a complicated pregnancy, I will shortly be missing my baby bump. More so as my third, this will be my last pregnancy. Whilst my baby is inside me, it feels so special, you kind of have a specific type of ownership over your own bump, once the baby is born, they re very independent and never truly "yours" anymore. Must admit we are both excited at the prospect of meeting our new baby, as are the children, so i don't think the sadness at the passing of my bump will last for long though I do expect the odd melancholy moment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It is not just you.

    I really loved being pregnant and as much as i wanted to meet my son, i knew i would really miss it. The first 2 weeks after the birth i just felt so empty, i missed the bump, i missed feeling my son kick, i even missed him getting hiccups at 2 am lol. Everytime i looked at my belly i felt like crying. It took me 2-3 weeks to get past it.

    Even hubby started missing it because i used to sleep with my bump up against his back at night and the baby would kick him like mad.

    As overjoyed as i am to be able to hold my baby in my arms i still miss it. It is a weird thing to explain to ppl that haven't been through it because you have the baby in front of you, but you still miss it.

    Source(s): Mommy to a beautiful 12 week old boy!
  • 1 decade ago

    I didn't really think about it, but as soon as it was gone, I really missed it. Even thought it was gone I would sometimes still rub my tummy just because I did it so often when pregnant. I also missed feeling the kicking. I think this is exactly why I want another baby so badly. I can't wait to have my little bump again. :)

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    Not really because I carried my son in a baby sling for quite a while when he was an infant and it seemed like I still had the bump LOL. And I was still rubbing where the bump would be only now it was a real hiney!

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    1 decade ago

    I did feel empty at first, i'd spent most of my pregnancy stroking my bump & she was a very active baby so did miss the kicks.

    You do get over this, but i admit to swooning over cute baby bumps.

    I was lucky & even though my bump was massive, it was mostly all up front.

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    I wanted another baby from the day I had my son. I loved being pregnant! I still can't wait to get this birth control out of me. I can't wait to loose the extra weight since i am not pregnant .but i cannot wait to get pregnant again and feel my little baby kicking and having the hiccups and such.

  • 1 decade ago

    I miss it SO much! More so the 6th & 7th month than anything. I was carrying a HEAVY baby and the weight of her on my crotch in the last trimester was not very fun.. But I do wish I still felt her moving around in there. It is something I definitely want to experience again.

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