when applying to law school does it matter what undergraduate school you went to?

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    not too much. GPA and LSAT are the single most important admission factors.

    EDIT: There is correlation between students at prestigious undergraduate programs being accepted to top law schools, but this is less because of the reputation of the university, and more because of the mere fact that ivy league students score better on standardized tests than public university students. SAT scores and LSAT scores are related.

    (M+V)/2.1 + 101 +/- 5

    Above is a predictive formula for LSAT scores based on SAT scores. It is not perfect of course, but it is as accurate as a predictive formula can be.

    Higher SAT scores = Higher LSAT scores. It is no mystery that students with higher SAT scores get into higher ranked universities, Dukes, UChicagos, ivies, berkeleys, northwesterns etc. These same students are going to be the same ones who do well on the LSAT. The students who didn't do as well on the SAT, will go to lower ranked universities, do worse on the LSAT, and attend lower ranked law schools. Its not phenomenon.

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    GPA and LSAT is the number one factors, BUT of course undergrad school matters also.

    if the school had two applications, one had a good score but completed its undergrad in lets say.. UCI, the other had a bit better score then the other applicant but god his undergrad at a cal state.. The law school will probably get the guy from UCI

    i like to think of the undergraduate school as the factor that puts you over the edge when you are pitted against someone with similar LSAT and GPA then you

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    Yes and no to that. While LSAT and GPA are important, what undergrad school you attended l likely determine how well you do on both scoring systems/exams. Name value helps as well. For example Brown gets 97% of its students into their first choice Law School. Of course, Brown is also an Ivy University, which helps both in education and name value.

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    It shouldnt. I had heard that if you have gone to the same undergrad as law school is in it helps, but not sure. In other words, if you went to Georgetown undergrad and then applied to Georgetown Law that it would be easier to be accepted.

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    I'd say that it does. If you went to a "no-name" school and got a high GPA but another candidate went to a prestigious school with a slightly lower GPA, they would get the spot because the reviewers know the their curriculum is harder.

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