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what is the purpose electrically grounding somthing?

as in the purpose of grounding a battery in a car, or for instince i repair large printers where i work and there is a component that has a ground wire that touches a screw and the wire leads down to a another random screw on the side, how does that work? what is the purpose?

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    It keeps the user from being lit up by the AC supply voltage if something goes wrong. Something wrong, such as the neutral wire becoming open in the wiring in the device, or line cord, or electrical system. Current wiring practice is to use a neutral wire, and a ground wire in home and business wiring. While electrically they go to the same place, they are both used for safety reasons.

    The negative side of the battery in a car attaches to the frame because it saves the cost of running 2 sets of wires every where in the car. It also helps to keep noise, such as alternator whine, out of the car stereo, or radio.

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    Lol well let's hope u don't fix my printer. Grounding just interupts the flow of Electricty in a circuit. Breaking the circuit is usually done by grounding itself. That is what your doo-hickies are. They're running the circuit into the ground.

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    Usually, electrical devices are grounded so that the casing of the object does not become electrified.

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    so you dont FRY yourself when to touching a bolt on the case of the machine.

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