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I am thinking of getting a baby bunny?

I never had a pet bunny before - I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and I want an animal. I am allergic to cats and have had dogs all my life. I am thinking of getting a baby bunny. I hear that you can train them to potty in a litter box???? How long can they be alone in the home for? If Im gone 8 hours a day, should I get 2? Can anyone give me advise?

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    Yes, they can definitly be litter trained! 8 hours should be okay providing you give the bunny lots to do and interact with it a lot when you're home, but rabbits are always happier in pairs. They are lovely, smart animals. They react very well to people when treated properly. If you spend enough time with them they are very affectionate and some will climb on you, sit next to you and groom you. It is always good to get them fixed, they are cleaner, healthier and happier! can tell you all you need to know.

  • Amanda
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    1. Yes, it shouldn't be a problem keeping him in the old cage, but bunnies don't really like living alone, you probably already know :) If possible arrange play dates for your old and new bunny. A smaller cage is ok for now, but remember that when he is bigger the rabbit will need a bigger cage. 2. The hut sounds good for your rabbit, he will enjoy it! If its a spare then use it, its up to you :) As long as it doesn't take up too much room in the cadge, and you bunny has enough room to move around. 3. Yes, those toys sound perfect! Bunnies love bells so it should keep the little guy happy for hours on end! 4. Extras you would need would be: a good sized litter box, shavings to fill the litterbox, Nail care kit, grooming brush (needed for short and long haired rabbits), small pet carrier, treats, a specialist vet and time! 5. Yes, you can, very few people feed baby rabbits alfalfa hay, its not as necisary as people think :) Good luck preparing for your new arrival

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    Have you considered ADOPTING a rabbit instead? With Easter right around the corner, too many people go out and purchase bunnies & baby chicks, only to put them in shelters soon afterwards, because they didn't really want the responsibility of looking after that ''cute'' pet.

    8 hrs away from home is fine, as long as you dedicate quality time with the rabbit, when you ARE home. If you think you might get ''too busy'' to socialize with a rabbit, then re-consider getting one. Getting 2 isn't a solution to the problem. They still need one-on-one and time outside of their cage/hutch.

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    If you are serious about the bunny and are willing to commit to ownership of an animal, then I recommend going to You can view lots of animals (bunnies too!) who need homes. The benefit is that the rescue groups have all ages and can give you a lot of information about ownership. They can also tell you about the personality of the bunny you want. Most places will already have them spade/neutered and shots - all for a reasonable adoption fee. This is where we got our dog and I was amazed at how many animals are out there. It's a great service!

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    if you are allergic to cats you might want to go get tested for rabbit allergy before you buy one and find out too late. Or go handle one at a pet store that allows you to hold them and see how you do. Alot of people that have cat allergies also have rabbit allergies. I know from experience, we had rabbits when I was growing up, and they had to be in outdoor cages because of Dad and some of the bros/sis were allergic too.

  • There an iffy animal to get. Sometimes you get extremely lucky, and get an amazingly smart rabit like I did. I could call my rabbit, and let it run around outside. But you can get unlucky with an annoying bunny that bites et cetera... Just be sure you have the time to take care of an animal...

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    wait until you can have your own house. the rabbits will need a lot of room and supervision. they will need to be caged while you are gone, they could chew on power cords or your couch. good luck. oh yha, get some books at the library and read up on how to care for them before you get one. you will also need a vet because when they get sick you should not wait to take them in....

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    Rabbits have alot of energy and may run around your apartment at odd hours of the night. As long as you give it enough attention and give it ample space to run inside; you should be fine with a rabbit.

    Source(s): former rabbit owner
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    I have one & he's great! I go to school all day, so I let him outside for exercise or play with him for about an hour when I get home & he does just fine. I would get a smaller female though, males spray (unless you want to neuture it), & it won't take much room or exercise if you got a small one.

    Good luck!!!

    Source(s): My boy, Jackson.
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    baby animals grow up faster than you might imagine......bunnies are cute when they are little but depending on the type you purchase, you will be spending money on food, etc, and good cage filler, like shredded newspaper, wood chips, etc, do not use CEDAR, its stinky and not good for will also have to clean the cage often and make sure it has clean water at all times. good luck.....

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