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What's the most romantic dream you've ever had?

Thank you so much for your answes :)

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    Falling asleep while outon a walk in some woodland; the buzzards were crying and I think that got through to my subconscious: suddenly I was flying with them at incredible speed, following them across the Atlantic, with the whole earth spread out below. I found myself descending on a city, a suburb, a street, down to a particular house.

    Somehow I passed through the roof of the house into a room and there lay my fiancée, angelically asleep. I hovered over her, then descended and gave her one kiss, watching the sensation pass into her own dream. She smiled and opened her eyes, then reached out her arms and we embraced, then I flew with her through the night. Every time we kissed, the earth flashed as though a giant storm was breaking, but all was silent as we flew.

    We landed on a high pinnacle of rock, in the middle of a wild but silent ocean, and there I laid her down and just gazed in her eyes. She murmured, over and again "you came... for me. Just as I dreamed."

    I lay beside her, and looked up at the sky. She sat up, her silky nightdress hissing like the waves on the beach, and gazed down into my eyes with her own. Grateful tears started to fall from her eyes and mixed with my own. It was just the two of us, utterly alone in the world, and a sound in our ears and senses as though the whole earth was throbbing with our heartbeats. She bent over and so softly pressed her lips to mine, the touch was almost undetectable.

    The dream passed away like a sigh, and I found myself absolutely saturated in tears and emotion, and burning with romance for her. Perhaps the strangest thing is a repeating of that dream a number of times since, in completely different places.

    Well that's it- enjoy!

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    Romantic Dreams

  • Cheryl
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    The best dream I ever had was I was at church [which is where my crush went also] and I was laying on the floor resting with my eyes closed before service started. I felt someone come up beside me so I opened my eyes and looked to the left of me and he was laying right there with me. He looked right into my eyes and smiled. Then he grabbed my hand and we just fell asleep together on the church floor.. Yeah, I know it's not that romantic, but if you could have experienced how real it felt, you would be thinking differently. [My crush and I started dating a week later which made it even better. We have been with each other for a year now. <3 ]

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    I've had many :)

    I was woken up by my love singing to me

    He made me breakfast, and fed me with his hands

    We went shopping, and had a great time

    We had dinner together, watching tv, and then dancing to the radio

    Washing the dishes together

    We had some 'us' time, we chatted, and because we were together, with lovely scented candles, and in each others arms, that made it so sweet, i would do anything for that

    We went for a romantic walk together, watching the sunset

    And finally we hugged and said goodbye

    ( Well not really, but i'd rather not say the rest :] )

    Just spending time together is what made it so pleasurable and romantic, on an ordinary day :)

    Like that'l ever happen :(

    I can always dream, like i said :)


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    I had a dream just minutes ago, it was weird so stick with me ;p

    It started off as I would be walking towards a old, Medieval Times town. Then there would be the bell going off, as if something was wrong. Then I wouldn't hear or see anything, but I just had this feeling that something was behind me, so I started running towards the town in slow motion.

    after about 50m I was halfway there, and it went full speed. I busted through the tavern and it started again, only in a different town.

    So when I got through the tavern, this time there were people just calmly sitting down, drinking. I asked what happened and the lady serving the drinks said the bell goes off all the time. So I headed into the door behind the counter and it became modern day.

    I look down and I was wearing modern day clothes as well. There were four other guys in this new room, who I recognized as friends in the dream. I walked over to them, and we talked about something for a couple minutes... then I noticed across the room were six really fine looking girls.

    This is where it starts getting a little more weird

    The room magically turns into a dance floor and me and my buddies all do a dance style that I've never seen before. I was like break dancing + Jerk + -insert dance here-

    It was crazy, but it was also really cool.

    So we all dance for x amount of time before we kinda tease the girls and start dancing into the next room. The girls are all standing there in a line, just smiling at us. So we came back out of the room about five minutes later holding numbers <ikr why numbers?>

    So we walked up to the girls, and in order from left to right, were apparently what number they were. Me and another guy <the next best dancer, because obviously you're gunna be the best in your dream;) > both picked girl number two, who all I remember had a really nice shade of red hair.

    So after we all pick our numbers we go into the back room. Girl number two, at this point we don't know her name, says she can't decide who to pick, and if she can just hangout with both of us. She gives me a look, as though she's only saying that so the second guy doesn't feel bad.

    So he was uncomfortable with it so I said either both or just one, I'm fine with either. He said just one. At that point he walked out of the room to go get another girl.

    <<Where romance starts>> <-------------------- Feel free to skip to here :)

    So me and this girl are all huggy and kissy and that stuff.. so we walk out of this room onto a modern day beach. The only people on it was all the girls and guys at the dance.

    So we go for a walk along the beach, ya know, cliché movie stuff.

    We're talking about who-knows-what but it's making her smile and that's making me smile.

    So we end up sitting down by a rock and she's just laying her head down on my chest and I'm cuddling her and...

    I wake up ;-;

    Whyy cruel world?! ;-;

    But yeah that was my dream, if you read the whole thing, **High Five**

    If not, I don't blame you ;p

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    im actually happy that you asked this:)

    well actually my romantic dreams are the ones who give me a way to experience the feeling of passion , as a new form of electricity and deepness running through me! and the curious thing about them is that i have never felt something like this in real life, i cant really tell you just one dream cuz it wouldn’t make sense! but i always see this guy with black hair and blue eyes staring at me and smiling at the same time ! he makes me feel loved when he looks at me with those eyes , challenge me to let love in and fill every molecule of my whole self with the sweetest of emotions and well being. He has the power of running horses when he touch my skin , they grow wings and actually turn into Pegasus that fly where no man have gone before , where no kiss have left such whispers of insanity and satisfaction. He knows what im thinking and what i want , and take me to the highest places ,mountains , roofs , purple skies of innocence , they are all reflections of the highest states of love.He takes pictures with me of all adventures we encounter , unusual wonders always await in our way to the end of the dream. and once i wake up i know he exists somewhere near the sea.

    • Jake4 years agoReport

      He does exist somewhere! It s a proven fact that everybody you see in your dreams, you ve seen in real life. Your brain can t make up faces, however it can morph them, I think..
      Maybe he has the eyes of someone and the body of someone else etc.
      But he s out there, somewhere ;)

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    I can only remember the end of the dream: my husband and I (who was my boyfriend then) were walking up this paved bridge that was inclined, almost like a hill. I think we were going to the top of the bridge to jump off and kill ourselves. That was how it felt in the dream but I wasn't sad. Not at all. The sky was very gray and overcast and we were wearing our trenchcoats (we both used to have black leather trenchcoats). We were holding hands and then the next thing I remember is the orchestral breakdown from "Broken" by Seether was playing and we were dancing, like in slow motion, spinning around and around on this bridge. I looked up at him and he smiled at me and I touched his face and then I woke up.

    I still think of that dream every time I hear the breakdown in that song. That is the most romantic dream I've ever had.

  • Anonymous
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    Finding a man whom you can Feel loved by......

    All the other stuff that you share together, like making love under water falls in warm countries, & shacking up in some cabin hide away in snowy hills, and watching the sun set and rise together is all cosmetic, but I guess it sets the seen in some romance novel.

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    it is not romantic but sweet. long story short: i wuz walking around school looking for this guy lyke and when i found him we were walking ova 2 this undergroung snack bar that is where the student parking lot wuz in reality and he held my hand and i leaned up against him and closed my eyes. My cheek felt so warm from the sun, i could acctually feel it. the only thing wuz, it wuzn't the guy i wuz looking for but i knew i wanted it 2 be him.

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    I never seem to have romantic dreams prodigal only run of the mill weird dreams and nightmares !!

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