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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & GearPlayStation · 1 decade ago

Which is a better buy, a PS3 or an Xbox 360?

I currently own a PS2 and a Wii. We own a ton of games for the playstation. Ive heard xbox is better but we want to keep the games and be able to play them as well. What should I get???

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    You heard wrong. The xbox [360] is not better. Here is a comparison;


    The 360's Xenos is more advanced than the PS3's RSX. Rather than having separate pixel and vertex shaders the Xenos has a unified pipeline, so each of the 48 shaders can do either pixel or vertex operations. This means that generally the Xenos can be pushed to the max, with all 48 shaders busy, rather than on the PS3 where some of its fixed shaders are likely to be unused.

    The PS3 was designed for the SPE's to supplement graphical processing though, so the PS3 is capable of producing better graphics than the Xbox 360.


    Blu-ray beats DVD9 hands down, in every respect it is faster* and much larger. Larger means bigger games, and better graphics (most games graphic is pre-render and just assembled by the console (with some effects added), more space means better graphics). The PS3's all come with a hard drive, so games can cache data for faster reading.

    * Technically there are parts of DVD9 that read faster than the blu-ray (blu-ray reads the same speed throughout the whole disk, DVD9 is faster on the outer edge)


    The 360 has 3 PPC cores, with SIMD (single instruction multiple data) extensions (each Core can process as either a CPU or a Vector processor). The Cell has one PPC core and six available SIMD processors. Vector processors are very good at doing computations, or the same operation on multiple bits of data at the same time. This is the ideal kind of processor for graphics, physics or sound (in fact the GPU is a prime example of a specialized SIMD processor) which is exactly the kind of thing a games console spends most of its time doing.

    The problem is that SIMD processors require the programmer optimize their code in a certain way. This requires different thinking and experience.


    The 360 has a much larger catalog than the PS3, and some pretty good exclusives. Early dual releases look or ran much better on the 360 as developers produced lazy PS3 ports. Recent releases like Assassins Creed, Devil may cry 4 and Call of Duty 4 look and play the same on both Consoles.

    There is a growing catalog of exclusive releases for the PS3, taking advantage of the cell and blu-ray to produce games that are simply not possible on the 360.


    Both Consoles have the same amount of memory, though it is configured differently, there are pluses and minuses to both configurations. You will often see a figure quoted on bandwidth with the 360 having 256GB/S, it does for all of 10MB. The effective bandwidth is similar on both Consoles.


    For most people whose online experience consists of matchmaking for multiplayer the services are essentially the same. Xbox live has more additional functionality than PS3, but then it costs $50/year rather than being free.


    The PS3 failure rate is quoted at between 0.5-2%, the 360 has failure rates of between 16-33%.


    The PS3 has built in wireless and you can watch blu-ray movies and DVD's without requiring additional purchases.


    The 360 is cheaper, but in the case of 360 vs PS3, you get what you pay for.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lots of good info posted here and lots of opinions. Really only you can decide what is best for you.

    If you want to have the benefits of a Blu-ray player which I wanted when I bought my PS3 last year then it made more sense.

    Xbox does have more titles available but I think you will see that change now that Blu-ray has the market for high definition movies and newer games may be produced on the Blu-ray platform.

    The PS3 is like having a multi media system and a gaming system all in one. If you look at the price of a PS3, combined with the blu-ray player and look at the Xbox combined with the HD player which is not going to be available much longer the PS3 is cheaper.

    Luckily having a TV with twin tuners and a friend with an Xbox we placed them side by side with the same game and we couldn't see a difference. People say the Xbox games are brighter but that could just be the settings on your TV.

    Its also nice to not pay for online service, but I do believe the Xbox servers are better than Sony's. (even though I have a ps3)

    I think if by the summer I don't see more titles being released to Sony, I will likely get an Xbox as well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Many would agree and argue but the Xbox 360 has amazing graphics and internet connection similar to the PS3 but it all comes down to the requirements, the cost, the value, and the popularity. Xbox 360 have 4 players a much more PARTY-like function while it has many games and is popular amoung teens. To recieve the best live action of the PS3 you need HDTV, Surround Sound Speaker, Mic, and Digital Voice Enhancement. The 360 just needs a 32 inch TV and any surround sound. But pick your buy carefully and be patient for more info with the stores and commercials. Its your pick. But the 360 is awesome.

    Source(s): GameStop, Eb games, and MORE!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd get X-box but since u have the games for the PS2 it seems more logical to get the PS3 except the games would still play the same with the PS2 than on the PS3 so still I'd go with X-Box

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  • 1 decade ago

    PS3! I'm telling you the truth! There will be a whole lot better games coming in 2008 and the online is free. Also, I like the controller better because for one thing, it has motion sensor (a new one with motion sensor and vibration is coming out in april) and the two anolog sticks are closer together which just feels so great on the fingures.

    Source(s): I own one and LOVE IT
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  • 1 decade ago

    With the current bad news about the HDDVD format from Toshiba, the Blu-Ray disc player and the combination of being able to use your old games still sounds like the PS3 may be the right move for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    360 sucks! it will melt after 4hours of play. buy ps3, you don't have to pay for online gameplay. I heard the ps has more games out than some other consoles

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    for me the PS3 is the best deal.It has free online game play,

    blu-ray disc movie's,blu-ray disc games,home hopefully this

    year,card readers(for the 60 or 80G),you can hook up a printer,built in hard drive (that you can remove to upgrade),bluetooth controllers(comes with wireless controllers),and it is just a great family home system well if

    you want it to be.They have alot of more coll things but I don't have enough time to tell them all to you

    Source(s): I have a ps3
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  • 1 decade ago

    I have to go with the 360 because my Friend has one and its better than the PS3... mainly because it won't blow up internally. Also the PS3 isn't very good at playing the older PS2 games.

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  • 1 decade ago

    PS3 rocks!!

    xbox is cool too.I have both and i'm always on the PS3

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