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How do you find the area of a sector circle?

OK i have a math test tomorrow all about circles. I'm not that good at it but the most help i need is the sector stuff. All the steps get confusing and i left my math text book at school!!!!! This is like the worst day of my life everything bad happened. Please, could you help me?

Also if you can help me on how to find the area and circumfrnece's of circles that would really be helpful.

And could you please explain the steps on how to do it? Thank you sooo much!

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    radius = half of diameter

    pie = 3.142


    radius x radius x pie

    circumference ??? cant remember soz

    to find the area of a sector circle do the area as if it was a full circle (see above) then divide by 2 if it is half the circle, by 4 if it is a quarter of a circle etc

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    Area of a sector of a circle= Pi*radius^2 * the angle of the sector/360

    Circumference= 2*Pi*radius

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    Circumference of a circle: 2(pi)r {two times 3.14 times the radius}

    Area of a circle: (pi)r(squared) {the radius times the radius times 3.14}

    Area of a sector circle: the website explains how to do this

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    Here is a great easy website to help u understand it:

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