What to wear while riding a Moped / Vespa / Scooter?

I am getting myself a scooter/Moped/Vespa to save on gas around town and to/from work. While I know they are very uncool, I do not want to look like a complete idiot while riding around. However I do want to wear something that will save my skin if I do end up dumping the scooter. Any suggestions on what to wear to keep me safe, but also keep me from looking like a complete gomer? The weather here is between 60-110F

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    If the weather is real hot, going ahead and get a vented textile jacket. They will not protect you as well as a leather jacket, but ultimately you are riding around on a small displacement vehicle so i wouldn't expect to crash at high speeds. make sure the the armor included in the jacket is CE rated, just to ensure that it really does help you in case the worst happens. Full face helmets are the safest, but I dont see too many people riding around with full face helmets (or a jacket for that matter) on a vespa. Perhaps a modular helmet would be most practical for you, or at the very least, a 3/4 helmet. I would avoid the 1/2 helmet, lest' you are going for the harley look or you're just particularly fond of the Nazi SS.

    Gloves... Definitely look into leather gloves, not a mesh or a mesh/leather hybrid. Your hands will slide when you fall, and typically you will rest most of your weight there on impact, so to keep those palms nice and... skin covered... invest in comfortable leather gloves.

    Long pants are a must, jeans or riding pants preferably, and shoes that not only have torisonal rigidity, but that cover your ankle in case you slide after the accident. It seems like overkill, yes, and it becomes a pain in the *** to keep gearing up and down everytime you get off the bike, but you've pretty much covered all the bases you can as far as gear this way.

    Make sure to take the MSF course, invest in health insurance, and learn proper riding and collision avoidance technique.

    Ultimately, few people riding scooters will follow through with more than a helmet, if at all, but ultimately it is your life and you decide how you want to protect it. I'll be the first to admit that even with all this gear, there are plenty of times when i ride with just a T-shirt.

    ...and pants of course

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      gloves, pants, and helmets are for *******. My boyfriend and I wear pastel shorts, v-neck t-shirts, ray bands, rainbow flip flops, and we always look good;)

      ps. its not about saftey its all about how good you look!

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  • 4 years ago

    The CBT COURSE is a one day course, where you spend the morning on a car park (or similar) going through basic controls of the bike, and doing some basic manoeuvres, followed by at least 2 hours road ride, under radio instruction. I've finished anywhere from 12, to gone 5, it depends on the student, but a decent course should be from about 9 until about 2 or 3 for the average student. At 16, there is nothing you can do to get rid of your L-Plates, because you can't take a full test until you're 17, and next year it all changes so you'll end up having to take 3 different practical tests (one every 2 years) if you want to have an unrestricted licence. There is no theory aspect to the CBT, but if you've not read your Highway Code, then the instructor may well refuse to take you out on the road ride. EDIT - While Alan is technically correct about the moped test, having a 30mph vehicle with the acceleration of an asthmatic slug on the roads, that can only do 25mph as soon as you get to a hill (ie. you're slower than a healthy cyclist!) means I'd rather have L-plates as a warning, and I certainly wouldn't want to carry a pillion on the back! Also, it would cost you as much money as passing your proper bike test next year, so would be as much of a waste of money as it would be a waste of time!

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  • 3 years ago

    Vespa Clothing

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  • 1 decade ago

    One should wear always a helmet.

    No loose clothes that may catch, block or clog any openings on scooter.

    Wear comfortable warm clothing, something light color to be easily seen during day or night hours.

    Wear gloves and maybe a leather jacket to protect your hide,

    otherwise practice caution when operating your scooter especially during inclement weather.

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    It's not a style show. I'd wear the same thing on a scooter as I would on a motorcycle. After all, the cars that may hit you are going as fast as the ones that hit motorcycles.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi. I ride scooter here and I wear all protections as much as I can. Full helmet is the best, leather gloves, high boots cover you ankles, rider jacket (wear jean is comfortable but not protect your elbow, shoulders...when you are down), jean pants is OK if you ride less than 50 mph. Protect yourself and ride carefully. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    wear full protection the style is up to you Whats uncool??

    I have a 110cc mini chopper I ride just for a laugh but be safe first then what you look like 2nd

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    1 decade ago

    wear a brain bucket and a jacket,long pants and shoes.

    I had a vespa scooter,,,whats wrong with them??

    I loved riding it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i have a scooter and a harley- i wear the same riding gear for both- the pavement doesnt change, neither should the clothes- you dress for the crash, not the ride

    • David6 years agoReport

      I love this phrase "Dress for the crash, not the ride" You are one sensible chap... I ride a 125cc Scooter and have FULL Leather gear (Weise)... Thank you for this posting

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