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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 1 decade ago

Colombia(mii paiis)!!!!!!!!!!?

Hey, I heard that Venezuela and Ecuador are @ war with Colombia. I don't fully understand why. There's a story circulating about some guerrillas doing sum retarded guerrilla things in Ecuador and the president took offense and then Chavez went and stuck his big ugly elephant nose into it, but i dont think its true, and which one will win the war, and if Colombia wins, do u think the civil war will end once and for all? Please tell me why they're @ war, the true story please, and if that story is true, confirmations please? AndIwant an answer for my other 2 questions. Thankz!!

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    Hola companera,

    I'm heading to Colombia next week for Spring Break. I'm not too worried about the situation because it seems to have defused. But the deal is:

    (a)first there were tensions between Chavez and Uribe for the last few years. Chavez wanted to help negotiate a truce with FARC, but Uribe is not really interested in any truce and thinks Chavez is hardly impartial since Venezuela does support the FARC in some subtle ways.

    (b)One of the top FARC guys was in Ecuador in a camp close to the Colombian border. Uribe ordered an air strike against them, killing a bunch of guerillas. But he also sent in ground troops to mop up and recover the bodies. Colombia thus violated Ecuador's territorial sovereignty and broke international laws.

    (c)Ecuador was pissed. Correa, who is an ally of Chavez, sent troops to the border. So did Chavez. Things were tense.

    (d)People have calmed down, because there is little to be gained from a war between Ecuador/Venezuela and Colombia.

    Venezuela has a better army and airforce, but it would have a hard time winning a war as it has doesn't have a good geographic position to strike at Colombia and Colombia would have a home advantage.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    A Couple of weaks ago, the Colombian Army attacked a guerrilla base a mile across the Ecuadorian border and killed a top leader of the rebel group FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). FARC deals heavily in the cocaine trade, apparently so does Hugo Chavez.

    Well Chavez mobilized his army to the Colombian border and the Ecuadorians did too. No one is at war though and it appears to be a non-issue, they backed down. The Armies of Venezuela and Ecuador are no match for the Colombian Army.

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    I guess they solved their problems for now.

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