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Can drinking warm malta goya and alka seltzer cause an abortion?

i was told that if you heat up malta goya and then pop a few alka seltzers that it will cause an abortion. is this true?

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    I can't imagine that carbonation would cause the baby any trouble, but the aspirin in the alka seltzer isn't a good idea. It's not going to cause an abortion, though. It is actually very hard to stop a pregnancy that's destined to be there. You can make the mother or baby very sick though. Don't play with this kind of stuff. It's not funny.

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    No, this combination would not cause you to miscarry a baby. It would make you sick enough to throw up multiple times, and you may end up in the hospital having your stomach pumped. An abortion occurs when you have a medical procedure to remove a fetus from your body. If your friend is pregnant, and wants to have an abortion, she needs to be going to her doctors or a family planning clinic. If the young lady who told her this tall tale did drink this mixture and did miscarry, it was more likely from the stress and strain of throwing up multiple times and becoming dehydrated, that affected the pregnancy in a negative way. If it was her first pregnancy, a great many women miscarry during a first pregnancy, as their bodies are not hormonally ready to carry a baby. She may have tried the Alka Seltzer- Coca Cola combo at the same time her body was getting ready to miscarry and she associated the two occurrences. I hope your friend gets the counseling and medical assistance she needs. She is blessed to have a friend like you who is concerned about her.

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    unfortunately it is true. My Ex wife told me (97), they do it in Puerto Rico all the time. I couldn't believe it either. Don't know if that is during the first trimester (which I would assume as massage can cause a miscarriage during the first trimester or pregnancy) but I would assume so, since child is not as strong. Malta Goya is a terrible drink to begin with, very unhealthy for you.

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    I don't think it's guaranteed to cause a miscarriage. I haven't heard of that.

    Things like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and too much vitamin C have been known to cause miscarriage but they won't for sure.. not sure why you're asking but please don't try any home remedies if you want an abortion - see a planned parenthood.

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    Why don't you try going into an abortion clinic and getting one, i'm not for abortion but it's alot better then what your trying to do.. Why don't you get some ba**s and deal with your consequences!

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    Why would you do that?! Why would you even try? You are a horrible person! You shouldnt have had sex or you should have used protection! Adoption is an option! What you are doing... is murder!

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    are you trying to have an abortion? if so, you are obviously way too young and uneducated and certainly should not be having sex!

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    Never heard of that!

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    I have NEVER heard that. I can't imagine that it would.

  • Anonymous
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    lol we have a smart one here!

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