Has sudan got any natural resources like forests, mountains etc?

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    Sudan is the largest country in Africa; dominated by the Nile and its tributaries. Its strategic importance stems largely from its control of much of the water flow of the Nile, its Red Sea coastline and its border with eight countries.

    Mineral resources

    Petroleum; small reserves of iron ore, copper, chromium ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, gold.

    Water resources

    Annual internal water resources: 1,227 cu m per capita (1998); Sector withdrawals - Domestic 4%; Industrial 1%; Agricultural 94%. Desertification and the civil war have caused major shortages of water supply throughout central and southern provinces. Supplies in Khartoum are frequently disrupted; contamination of water supplies in the rural areas is widespread. The total water resources for the Sudan, including internal surface and ground water resources as well as natural external resources are 149 cu km per year (2003) The Nile River is subject to a treaty between Egypt and Sudan.

  • Sudan is very rich in natural resources, a fact that has inevitably made the country base its economics on agricultural and animal production. Consequently, agriculture is considered the backbone of the economy in the country. The society is conditioned by anthropological and climatic factors, as well as the nature of the land, but agriculture is the foundation of the social structure. Although there is great potential in the field of agriculture, development and reaping maximum benefit from this sector needs more effort to move the wheel of production forward towards improvement and progress.

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    Sudan has forests,mountains,rivers,petroleum, among other products though agriculture is practiced it is not the backbone of the economy rather it is oil.

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