Has Barack Obama's speech on racism today (03/18/2008) helped his campaign for president? Why or why not?

I think Barack Obama's speech on racism was very good! Seemed to be very well - thought out, touching on all the issues and providing a way forward without demonizing any group! I have a feeling he will be the next president of the United States (at least he sealed my vote with the speech)! You will find bad in everyone you meet if you look, but if you look you can also find good! May the future of the United States be bright!!!

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    Maybe it's just me but I just listened to a few snippets and they did not seem to be racist. They were attacks against the USA. When he did mention Whites he was refering to the small percentage of rich white people who do in fact control this country.

    He said that America was a hypocritial state. Which is a in a sense true. This "land of the free" was actually made prospersous through slavery. The institution of slavery persisted in America far longer than any other country.

    He said that we bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki (SP?). America is in fact the only country to actually use "weapons of mass destruction" but yet we have the audacity to tell other countries they can't have these weapons.

    I heard him say fighting for peace is like raping for virginity. that is an excellent line. Many Americans do not and will never agree with this war.

    He accused black men for attacking other black men despite the fact that in this country black men are portrayed as dangerous individuals . Look at TV. How many shows are there with Black gangbangers etc compared to shows with black doctors and lawyers?

    He said that America will have to pay repercussions for being an arrogrant, racist, superpower. If you believe in Karma this is true.

    If you read the very short book Obediah in the bible it does seem like there is a prophecy that condems America. It says things like they will set their flag in stars, there symbol is the eagle, and when they attack a land they take everything leaving the conquered land devastated.

    Anyways these were the views of one solitary man. Obama never lied, he said he heard the Rev. say controversial things, he did not say he heard him say those things per se.

    Anyways, I felt his speech was right on point on expressing what America is...he did pull the race card... you can't talk about being a leader in America without talking about race, in my opinion. I have travelled all around the world and I have found America to be hands down the most racially motivated society in the world. This is respective because the people of this world are generally speaking still very tribal and racist in their dealings.

    I have heard my family say some questionable things about white people. A white friend of mine once told me if we were back in slavery days I would be hers...as a joke... not funny... I could have condemed her but I explained to her why she was wrong, as I do with my family. ANd that was the message I got from Obama today. We need to talk about this without all the anger and BS politics.

    *throws 2 cents on the table*

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    I feel that this speech just as many others he has given is standing proof that he is a different type of a politician. Confronting those fears of racism or other tactics the media continues to throw up to imbalance the conscious of the sane that has plagued America for centuries is yet why he is with out a doubt the man for the job as President of the United States of America. I read some of these bloggers comments and can not help but wonder why some people are definitely dettached from the concept of unity. This speech was bigger than Barack Obama...bigger than Rev. Wright...but if you are blind as I see many are, I can tell you to look both ways before crossing the street and it wouldn't make a difference any way...Barack Obama; President of The United States of America...Now that, I truly believe

  • I think that it helped, but the sad thing is that is shouldn't come to this. How can he be blamed for the words of his Pastor, and it makes no sense to me that we don't want to face the issues that exist in this world today. I must say that Jesus is displeased with us right now, this is not what he gave us his life for. He died so that we can live life and live it more abundantly. We all came from the offspring of Adam, and nobody knows his ethnicity, but that's is where all of us began from one man, Adam. That's why in God's eyes we are of the same color; and I can honestly say as a Christian i'm truly proud of Barack Obama for his speech that he gave. I know that God is proud of the boldness of him today, but anyone who is bad mouthing what he said today, remember when you point the finger three fingers point back at you. This world can be alot better than what it is. Sundays is the most racist day in America, we have black people at one church, white people at their church, chinese at their church, and etc. But the funny thing about it is that we all serve the same God (1 Corinthians 12:13). It is time for us to look at ourselves and ask the question, is God pleased with the way that we are handling things right now and what we need to do to change. We are one nation under God, not a nation under any race, so it's time for us to start acting like it.

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    When looking at the possibility of Barack Hussein Obama becoming president I get sick to my stomach. In looking at the totality of the circumstances in regards to Barack Hussein Obama I believe he is dangerous to our country if elected.

    Lets examine this man:

    - He is and has been for 20 years a member of a racist anti-white, anti-american, and anti-government church on the south side of chicago. I sure you all have seen the videos on you tube. But hes not a racist right?

    - His reverend, his spiritual leader, his mentor is Jeremiah Wright who spews incendiary racist garbage on a regular basis under the guise of religion. But Barack Hussein Obama. He never heard any of that when he was there for 20 years. Oh wait, i got mixed up- today he said he did hear those things when in Philly. But before then he didnt hear them. Which is it?

    -He is friendly with and has connections to The Weather Underground- "Weathermen". Bill Ayers, a terrorist who now teaches at the University of Chicago. Isnt America grand? Whats next Osama Bin Laden teaching at UofI. But Obama doesnt condone the actions of this terrorist who " doesnt regret setting bombs, he feels they didnt do enough" NYT 2001 Obama was just on a board of directors with him - The Woods Fund. You know they helped poor people and funneled monies to the AAAN who have ties to the Palestine Liberation Organization. But this is no reflection on Barack Hussein Obama. He condemns the actions of terrorists.

    -His wife has never been proud of America. Im sorry, she didnt mean it that way? She meant the american political process. Gee, I dont think she missed too many sermons by Jeremiah Wright.

    - He will not wear an american flag pin on his lapel. Not a big deal right? It wouldnt be if there wasnt all of these clues to his ideology.

    - He holds his crotch during the star-spangled banner. What underlying issues are there. Paging Dr. Freud...

    -Tony Rezko... Need I say more. Shady land deals. Almost a half million in campaign donations that got him to the Senate. But he doesnt condone that behavior.

    -I can go on and on but I have to go soon. I think you get the point.

    -Barack Hussein Obama is being defended by his supporters and the media at large. They say- he cant be responsible for the beliefs and statements of his pastor, there is nothing illegal about campaign donations from the likes of Rezko, his wife was taken out of context she meant, he cant be held responsible for what Ayers did-he was only a child at the time.

    If these are the types of people that Barack Hussein Obama associates himself with I contend he believes what they believe, he wants what they want and he thinks along the same warped lines they do.

    In closing, ( a joke)

    What do you get when you cross a racist, a terrorist, a criminal, a liar, and a politician?


    " The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he doesnt exist..."

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    No, sorry, I don't think it will help him at all. Yes, it was a very good eloquent speech, which we know Mr. Obama is articulate and a good speaker. But he's also a politician who wants to win the election. He just recently reported that he never heard those inflammatory remarks made by Rev. Wright. Now, in his speech today, he admitted that he has, in fact, been present in church and heard similar remarks by the pastor. So that just looks like he lied, which is even worse.

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    Time will tell....racism is deeply rooted in our culture and is based in fear. Folks don't easily give up on fear based beliefs and prejudices which tend to divide rather than unite. Look at responses to this question..........very telling..........................Barack Obama seems to be trying to change the way a campaign is waged.....whether the high road will lead to the White House remains to be seen.

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    I am shocked that he is even bringing racism up and it just made me lose even more interest in him. It seems all he cares about is race and I completely find that stupid and such a bad quality. if the only reason he wants to be president is to end racism or just because he's black, or at least that's what he's making it seem like, then to me he is not that great of a candidate. I wish he would bring up more important issues not just the same crap over and over, and I wish people would stop wanting to vote for him just because he's black and actually pay attention to the issues and debates and future plans and actually think through the outcome of their decision and how each candidate AND THE PEOPLE THEY CHOOSE AS CABINET will affect them.

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    I don't know if it helped his campaign, but I believe it helped America, which is his ultimate goal.

    He understands all our anger, whether we're white, black, or brown.. But he's trying to help us get past that anger, to get along and help each other get by like civilized human beings.

    Whether or not Obama becomes President, I think today's speech will bless America for a long time to come.

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    Yes. I think it help but if you are a racist nothing Obama will say will change your mind. I am ready for this nation to heal others want to continue on with the hate. I thought he was honest and came clean today. He put everything on the table. Some people will be negative no matter what you do. That's just their personality. You can't never please them. Some people just have close mind. Obama could cure cancer and they will still think he is the most racist man in America. They can be so self-righteous and unforgiving. Obama is trying to bring people together.despite our difference. I think Barack Obama should be our next president.


    Please get your facts straight. The race card came from the Clinton's camp. This is the first time Obama has ever address the issue of race. Please listen to the news.

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    i think that the only way that america will get any closure on its racial issues is when a black man is heading the white house.. we have a very dedicated black is trying to do just that but it going to be an uphill battle for the ordinary person black or white or any pother color.. thank you. sylvia

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