Plz Plz settle an argument?

My friend and I were arguing last night about if Dolly Parton's boobs were real or not. Did she have plastic surgery 2 enlarge them? Plz answer seriously


My friend and I think they are fake because she pointed out that they look pointed on Hannah Montana!

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    yes and no...

    Are Dolly's breasts real?

    When she crossed over into pop in the 1970s, her ample bosom garnered a lot of attention, and she adamantly defended that they were real. Although in recent years she's joked that she used her royalties from "Jolene" (circa 1974) to buy her famous chest, she didn't have any such surgery done until much later. In a famous 1965 poster promoting a concert when she was on Monument Records and they were marketing her as a pop singer, her amazing figure was about the same as it is today (and I'm not even sure if they had breast implants available back then!). Her chest still appeared big -- but not as big -- in subsequent years after she moved into the more conservative country field, but that had more to do with her wearing clothes and styles of bras which helped conceal what nature gave her so as not to offend the country audience of the time. By the time of her pop outing in the late '70s, the boobs came back into the spotlight and haven't left since. In 2002, she admitted for the first time during interviews in Europe that she has, in fact, had implants. In one interview in the Irish Independent, she said she had gotten breast enhancements at a cost of about $3,000 (which would date them to around the mid-to-late-1980s). Then in the London Mirror, she explained that she decided to get implants after her dramatic weight loss around 1986. As any woman who has lost a great deal of weight knows, usually the first area to decrease in size is the chest. She said she got implants for the first time then because she had surgery to remove excess tissue left behind after the weight loss, and that made her breasts much smaller than they had been in the past when she was heavier. And if you look at photos from the late 1980s, they did appear larger at that time than they did when she first became skinny.

    Are they really insured for half a million dollars?

    According to an investigative piece on Entertainment Tonight several years ago about celebrity rumors, the often-repeated story that they are insured for $600,000 is false. Dolly also denied the rumor herself in The Insider in November 2005. Other false reports, unfortunately many of which have been picked up by mainstream media, have inflated the non-existent insurance into several million dollars, which is also untrue.

    What plastic surgery has she had done?

    She has freely admitted to a great deal of plastic surgery, including having anything sucked, tucked or lifted when it starts to sag. She has said she had her breasts "lifted," has had work done on her face, neck and rear end, regularly endures chemical facial peels and takes collagen injections to hide wrinkles. She has said that she is not ashamed of having plastic surgery because she wants to look her best for her fans and believes anyone who wants to have it done, has the money to pay for it, thinks it will improve their self-esteem and visits a licensed and qualified doctor for the procedure should go ahead and do it. She uses many plastic surgeons, but her main ones are Dr. Frank Kramer (face) and Dr. John Grossman (body), both in Los Angeles, and Dr. Arnold William Kliein (dermatology), although I'm not sure where he's located. In New York, she's used Dr. Fred Martens, Dr. Richard Stark, and Dr. John Kral. However, she urges anyone considering plastic surgery to contact the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Referral Service at 1-800-635-0635 to get a qualified doctor.

    What are Dolly's measurements?

    In 1972, a gossip columnist reported them as 38-26-36. For many years thereafter, she refused to comment, and (after losing a considerable amount of weight since 1972) her chest had been reported anywhere from 36 to 45 and her waist from as small as 14 to 18 inches. However, in 1994, she broke her silence and told Vogue magazine (January issue, page 144): "'I'm 40-20-36. I used to never tell anybody my measurements, but the older I get the more proud I am."

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    When she crossed over into pop and became a media superstar in the late 1970s, she was significantly overweight, although her small frame and costuming made her appear average in size everywhere except the breasts, which were very large and quickly became the target of late-night talk show host jokes. At the time, whenever asked if her breasts were real, she said they were real. In the mid-1980s, she lost a considerable amount of weight. In interviews afterward, she avoided answering whether her breasts had been augmented, referring to any procedure as only a "lift." In 2002, however, she admitted for the first time in separate interviews with The Irish Independent and The Daily Mirror that after the weight loss in the 1980s, she lost a great deal of breast size and subsequently obtained breast implants to bring them back to a similar size as she had prior to the weight loss. Since then, she has made ample jokes in media interviews about their not being natural. She even once joked by saying "Yep they are mine! Bought and paid for!".

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    They were real when she first got famous but she also had some weight issues, then in the 80's she lost the wieght along with her breat size. Untill the 90's she never said she did get a boob job but then admitted to it saying she had to keep her image up after she lost that weight. So yes right now the are fake. But the pointy ness u are referring to isnt her boobs its her bra.

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    i really think that she did enlarge them. i also think that she had some of her ribs removed so that her waist would be smaller. seriously. who has a 17 inch waist and triple D boobs? that is impossible without surgery.

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    The real question it natural to have a 60" bust and a 10" waist??? I think they are totally fake!

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    She is the very first one to admit has has had surgery and like someone else said, "many, many times"! I love her! She's a riot!

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    Oh dear God, are you serious?

    Ms Parton could hardly be making it any more obvious for you.

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    they are all natural that's why a lot of men love her skinny little waist really big chest

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    they are real, she had them far before breast implants look it up on wikipedia if you dont believe me

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    obvioulsy the are fake, i mean come on, they are way too big!

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