What is a CDC?


you all are retarded only by a_j2002 got it right.. Thankyou

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and also by gromit80 got it right.

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    In the Air Force, CDC stands for "career development course." Here's how it works: After basic training, you go to technical training to learn how to do your job. Once you graduate, you get a 3-skill level. When you get to your first assignment, they order your CDC materials. Your CDCs are booklets that you have to read and take an ungraded course exam at the end of each booklet. Your supervisor will check your answers, go over the ones you got wrong, and once you finish all your CDCs you'll be scheduled for the end of course exam. You have to score at least 65% to pass. If you pass, and you meet the rest of the requirements, you'll be upgraded to your 5-skill level. Some career fields have CDCs for upgrade to the 7-skill level as well.

    Source(s): Master Sergeant, USAF JAG Corps Reserve
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    Cdc Air Force

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    Before you start calling people "retards", you should know that not everyone in the military has CDCs.

    The Navy does not use them, as I have never seen a CDC in over twenty years of service, active and reserve.

    Should I ask you what PQS is?

    BTW. The Centers for Disease Control is far more well known than Air Force training guides.

    Source(s): USN/USNR
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    Military Career Development Course Program

    Source(s): United States Naval Special Operations Warfare, Seargant First Class, U.S. Navy SEALs.
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    So many clueless. Since this question is in the MILITARY section, there's one meaning.

    In the military, a CDC is a Career Development Course. It's like a series of home study books to help you in your career specialty, and advance in rank.

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    CDC's are basically booklets that relates to your job after you complete them you will take a test to see how good you do. In the military if you fail your cdc's twice you either get retrained into another career field or you get kicked out.

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    You ask a question about CDC....well it had many meaning and then you tell people who answered they are retarded.....how rude are you to do that....all the answers are right you idiot!!!!

    CDC...child development center....you are in a military area here

    CDC...center for disease control

    CDC...career development center...another military area

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is a CDC?

    Source(s): cdc: https://biturl.im/BE7re
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    The CDC is an acronym. It stands for the Center for Disease Control.

  • Means several things.

    Center for Disease and Control

    For AF, Career Development Course.

    And for military day care centers, Child Development Center.

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