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my period stop on feb.21& i had unprotected sex on the 22, my period is on now lite wit no u sign can i b preg

my period stop on the 21 of feb and i had unprotected sex on the 22 of the same month, my period came again on the 17th day of march,it is lighter than usual. so far i have no sighs of pregnancy and i would like to know if is it possible that am pregnant?

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    Yes. You said your period stopped on Feb 21st. It is possible for anyone to be pregnant no matter when they have sex. The first day of the period is considered day 1. If your period last 10 days and you have sex on day 11, and then ovulate on day 14 then there is a very good chance of being pregnant. Since sperm can survive about 72 hours or three days from having sex, if you ovulate 1-3 days later the egg could be fertilized. Now I know of a friend who ovulated during her period and actually had to go see a gyn to help her understand why she had so much trouble getting pregnant. Women can have what's called break-through bleeding (bleeding at the time when they would normally have their period or at other times) when they are in early pregnancy. If I were you, I would get a pregnancy test and check to be sure. Also if you are not ready to have a baby, you are not ready for sex. God made sex for married couples so that others not married wouldn't have to be hurt mentally or deal with an STD or unwanted pregnancy. I didn't have any signs of pregnancy with all of my four pregnancies (miscarried one). The times I thought I was pregnant and had symptoms like nausea, increased discharge, and thought this must be it, I wasn't pregnant. It's when I thought I was going to have another period that I was actually pregnant. Good luck and please stay safe. You can choose to stay abstinent until you get married even if your boyfriend doesn't want to be. He's not the one that will be waking up every night with a crying baby. Sometimes the guys leave the pregnant one to only go on and have sex with someone else. It may make you feel like he used you. One last word though, if you are pregnant, think of it as a blessing rather than finding out you test positive for HIV or other sexually transmitted disease. There are STD's that people can have for the rest of their lives. If your boyfriend won't marry you and leaves you with an STD for life, that's something that will be very difficult for a future man who wants to marry you when he finds out you have an uncurable sexually transmitted disease. Herpes is one of them. You can get it through oral sex and intercourse. If someone has a cold sore or herpes sore on their mouth and then performs oral sex on you, it could be transmitted to the genital area. Pregnancy is not the only worry here. Please either stop having sex or use protection. Somewhere on here was a post for a rape condom. I've never heard of it but I want to find out more about it. Good luck.

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    You are absolutely to get pregnant 10 to twenty days after the primary day of your interval. Since you began your interval on Nov four you're absolutely to get pregnant from Nov 14 to Nov 24. This is a well rule of thumb however there's nonetheless an external danger that you'll be able to get pregnant for the duration of different occasions of the month. This is primarily real you probably have abnormal intervals. You can take a being pregnant experiment now but it surely might not be correct. Just recall that fake negatives are traditional this early in being pregnant. If you havent had your interval through December fifth take a experiment. It will ordinarily be correct then.

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    If you had unprotected sex then there is always a chance. But you don't ovulate till about day 15 after your period. So chances are no. But use protection unless you want to fall pregnant.

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    Yes it is possible that you are pregnant .... now please sign up with a Tutor because your words are all jacked UP!

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