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i want to invest in LONG TERM shares in INDIA .please help me?

i have a few shares in mind,like RPL,OPTO CIRCUIT, Jp Hydro,Elico India, Gujrat nre and few more... please advice and also mention other shares that would be wise to invest for long term. thanks in advance.

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    If you're a passive investor who'd buy and hold shares for the long term, you need not bother about which stocks to buy. Buy blue chips in a staggered way (i.e. SIP) and hold them. But, if you're a fan of value investing, look for stocks with low P/E, low PEG, Low market cap to sales ratio, Price to book value, ROCE, RONW etc. etc. the stocks that come to my mind now are; (i'll mention one from each sector)

    1. Prithvi Info

    2. National Steel and Agro

    3. J K cement

    4. KEI industries

    5. HPCL

    You can find many in a bear market which have a good dividend yield also..

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    for long terms - all shares are very good to invest

    Sensex is like to break the resistance level of 14,000 and it may still go down to 12,000 or even 10,000 (thumb-rule for assessing Bear market (deep down) is 50% of last high - then it is likely that sensex is likely to touch 10,500 level when CPI(M) withdraws their support and Government falls - that is likely during Middle April/May 2008

    Right now Mukesh Ambani RPL is best bet for investing - it can give you return of about 200% during 2009

    You can buy Reliance Industries at Rs.1900/- (it is likely to touch below this level when their annual results come out - still it is best bet.

    Mukesh Reliance Infra - keep away for some time

    Anil Ambani's Reliance Group - none of their stock is worth investing

    SBI, TATA STEEL, ONGC, INFOSYS, TCS, SATYAM are good to invest.

    use your surplus money

    best of luck

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    previously u make investments in percentage, i ought to point u to kindly watch the marketplace, understand the tendencies, monetary equipment's performance and industries progression quietly for sometime(atleast some days)being a first time investor finding out on properly stocks would nicely be puzzling one. do not assume large benefit on the initiating itself. safeguarding the vital could continually be the first concept in making an investment previously searching for a benefit. making an funding on a particular percentage relies upon on how u seem at it. undergo in concepts in stocks the customer thinks he's smart by utilising finding out to purchase this percentage at that cost at the same time as the business enterprise also thinks he's smart adequate to promote the percentage on an same cost! so be smart, chosen smart!

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    RPL is best for long term...

    JP Hydro is also good..

    Among the shares you listed... I suggest for RPL

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