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my sister has no job and shes 18 and all she duz is sleep all day, whats wrong with her?

and i mean she can sleep till 3 in the afternoon every day, the doctors thought she was enimic but it turned out shes not, she is always tierd, she would rather sleep than do anythink else, and she is realy realy pretty i mean she haz like cleb looks, i always say to her that shes pretty and she shud get out in the world but it seems like she is to tired all the time, plz help ppl, if u can xx


well,she ony goes clubbin evry sat with some of her friends, and sees her bf on the nights, my mom and dad are always worried about her,i think she might be depresd u no, all her friends well u can tell that there not real friends to her, they all seem fake and jelous of her, when she was about 14 15 she used 2 get in alot of fights all the time and used to come home drunk stuf like that, and she says stuf like life is **** , and that tterrifies me beacuse i feal like she could b suisidle,

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    shes either depressed or lazy. you probably can tell which. has she always been like this or did she used to be active?

    has anything happened to her to make her like this?

    boyfriend trouble? is she eating ok? losing weight?

    speak to your parents and see what they think.

    what does she do when she gets up?

    does she have many friends? maybe speak to them?

    is drugs possible?

    teenage girls are def a worry and hard work and dont seem to make any sense, but keep going, give her support, and hopefully she'll come out the other end smiling and happy.

    sometimes good looks aren't everthing.

    maybe she wants to feel valued?

    good luck!

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    DON'T be temptewd to be like those girls. No one respects them and teachers/adults can see through it. Your NOT a nerd! Just because people are driven and motivated does not make them a nerd. I personally have never used drugs or been caught up in that crap either. I am a senior and i will tell you that of the top 4 kids in my graduating class this year, none of us have ever drank, done drugs...etc. I know you must feel left out and ailenated, but this too shall pass and you WILL have the last laugh. I had people call me a "goody goody" and all those things, but those people are going to a community college and i have the chance to go to NYU, which is a pretty good school. Just focus on your school work and remember that your SAT is the most important thing you will ever have to take in high school, not a pregnancy test! P.S. all the truely nice guys I ever met in high school, I met at church youth group!

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    It sounds like a bout of depression. She needs to start getting up in the morning at specific time, doing chores or what ever, get out of the house, and go through the motion of a real life. Eventually, the more she does, the less she will feel tired. Also, she should see her physician. He may find a reason for her listlessness. God bless.

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    She is sick of boredom, and on the way to a life of depression. At 18 she definitely must have other interests in life besides sleepiness. Perhaps she needs therapeutic help

    to wake up for real life before it's too late. If she is not going to school she should find a job and get significantly busy.

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    LMAO sounds exacally like my friend i know.. she would skip school just to stay at home and she would sleep all day... stay at home ALL the time and never get out... i know shes not sick and her excuse is that shes "lazy" ... lazy people are not boetherd with life cause no one pushes them to be bothered in life.. let her know that unless she wants to wake up at the age of 30 still living in her parents house then she needs to either go back to school, or go into some alternative school, get a job and be more social!

    hope i helped


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    What is she going to do with her life? What do her parents say? It seems like she maybe needs an ultimatum. Go to school or get a job. Sleeping all day shouldn't be an option.

    She's been to the doctor, right?

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    It could be a medical thing or she could be lazy. If she lives at home and knows your parents will take care of her she does not care. If she has no motivation to do anything then she will not. Try getting her to go out with you to a movie or shopping or something. Maybe getting her out of the house and doing something is what she needs.

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    It might just be she's at a bit of a loose end and will be more active in time.

    She may be suffering with depression though, from what you say, it doesn't sound like she's particularly down about things.

    She probably just needs to find a job which will interest her and things will change.

    Best wishes

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    Clinical depression.

    Your folks and she need to get her to a psychiatrist or psychologist ASAP. "Tiredness" can be a symptom of a much more complex psychological issue(s), like depression or 'bipolar" personality disorders. She may have other health issues as well, but nobody will know UNTIL she gets checked out by a doctor or mental health pro.

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    She sounds depressed from what you've said. May be she needs some kind of motivation to get a job and do something with her life. She surely must have dreams and ambitions. She won't achieve much at this rate.

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