Does ANYONE know this film?!?

am trying to find the title of an old movie. The only bits I can remember are - 2 young girls who post themselves to their parents in a box at christmas, and find out that their parents opened their pressies early - one a painting of a sunset, and the mother doesn't know which way up it is. I also remember a scene where the youngest girl (brown hair, blue dress) falls from a small beam (at a holiday camp or something) and hurts her head. The older sister wears an orange/red dress and also has mid/long light brown hair. Can anyone PLEASE HELP?!

Definately not an Olsen twin film - it's far too old for them to be in it. I think it's between 1940-1970?


it's not the old parent trap, and I can't download movies without a name!

Update 2:

It's not a kids summer camp film - it was a family film - the part where they are at a holiday resort - it was the whole family together.

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    I was trying to recall some of the camp movies, but none of them go very far back. I found these:

    Meatballs (1979)

    starring Bill Murray, Chris Makepeace, Harvey Atkin, Kate Lynch, Kristine DeBell, Matt Craven

    IMDB synopsis:

    With the popular hit "Animal House" came the Canadian classic "Meatballs". Rudy goes to summer camp full of rowdy teenagers. The head counselor is Tripper Harrison, the prank-pulling, girl-seducing fun-lover who teases his boss and the counselors at the nearby rich kids' camp. He and everyone else are sick and tired of always losing the Camp Olympics every year, Tripper must encourage all campers to try their hardest and even convince Rudy that this may be his chance to feel better about himself.

    GORP (1980)

    starring Michael Lembeck, Dennis Quaid, Philip Casnoff, Fran Drescher, David Huddleston, Lou Wagner, Julius Harris, Rosanna Arquette, DeWayne Jessie

    IMDB synopsis:

    "GORP: is a delighfully silly send up of summer camp movies. It is set in a Catskills style resort for wealty Jewish kids. The main source of plot movement is from the following elements: camp waiters vs. camp management; camp guests vs. waiters; waiters vs. waiters. There are many memorable moments from young actors who later became major stars.

    Poison Ivy (1985 TV movie)

    starring Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon, Caren Kaye, Adam Baldwin, Robert Klein, Cary Guffey (of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind")

    IMDB synopsis:

    It's summer once again, and kids flock from everywhere to go to Camp Pinewood in Clifton, Maine. Dennis Baxter is the new camp counselor who has the hots for Rhonda, the new nurse. Timmy is the shy kid with no self-esteem who takes every chance to run away. Tody is the overweight kid who wants to be a comedian. Brian is the poet. Bobby is the athletically gifted one. Jerry is the slick-talking, high-dealing city boy from Philadelphia. The camp is lead by the fearless Big Irv.

    From IMDB review:

    Dennis's 11-year-old campers each have adventures of his or her own: One wants to escape from camp; another tries to woo Rhonda (and takes a romp in poison ivy in order to spend more time in the infirmary with a certain someone); and another devises a scheme to get all the camp goodies into his bunk's possession. It's one adventure after another for these kids, as they learn about loyalty and standing up for what's right.

    Your description sounds extremely familiar to me, particularly the injury from a fall. I'll keep looking for more possibilities. I couldn't find a good summary with any details. Also, I haven't come up with any older films about camps.

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    could it be the old parent trap? i dunno wen that woz made

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