What does 'Implication' mean? ...... [Help please!]?

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I've got to do some work for Health & Social care and at the moment i'm writing about the initiative i am campaigning with my group at school. The initiative we have chose is ...show more
Update : Thanks for your answers, they were great help! =]
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An implication means something that will arise (or something that the issue points to) from the topic.

For example, the implications of banning smoking in clubs and bars may be that less people will frequent the clubs, and their profitability and popularity may decrease.

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  • LevelUP answered 6 years ago
    What are you implying?
    What do you mean?
    what are you pointing at?(That one is idiom-like)

    Implication is teh action of doing so, like the implication of not smoking, or banning
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  • #1 bossman answered 6 years ago
    what are the unspoken or inferred consequences of this action?

    use the following as an example:

    what are the implications of billary or dumbama becoming president?

    the country will be in disarray, all the mexicans will get citizenship and your taxes will increase exponentially.

    these are things that we know will happen if this comes to pass, even if they aren't stated as fact or have happened yet.

    so, what are the implications of your initiative?

    better health for those who try to go smoke free
    less tax revenue for government from tobacco taxes
    and a hell of a legal battle for anyone that tries to tell smokers like me that we can't or won't smoke.....or do anything that we want to, for that matter. nobody wants government intruding in thier lives and telling them what to do.

    these are implications.
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