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幫我做埋感想 thx!!


give me a feeling plz~!

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    Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Xie

    Chang Ting the camp tomorrow evening will conduct

    declares support for Tibet, will oppose

    a center party.

    Xie Chang Ting campaigns for general manager Ye Chulan, vice- general

    manager Chen Chi Mai, strategy conference CEO Luo Wenchia and Tibet

    youth conference Taiwan vice-president west the note and so on the

    person tonight together lights outside the

    Taiwan reform hall, shouts loudly .

    Ye Chulan indicated that, Tibet today faced with the suppression

    tragedy, is precisely under the one China principle inevitable result,

    Taiwan is the sovereignty independent country, the Taiwan future

    decided by two 1,300 million people, this is elects Taiwan president

    the national leader s basic standpoint, should not be oneself fuzzy.

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