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本貸款之申貸、償還、利息核算等作業程序與逾期放款、催收款、呆帳之處理及其他應遵循事項,依本部、承貸銀行及財團法人中小企業信用保證基金 (以下簡稱信保基金) 相關規定辦理。


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    This operational procedures and so on loan Shen of Dai, repayment, interest calculation with exceed the time limit loan, urge to receive money, processing of the bad debt and other should follow the item, according to this, receives loans the bank and the financial group legal person small and medium-sized enterprise credit support fund (hereafter refers to as letter to guarantee fund) to be related the stipulation to handle.


    Source(s): 行員經歷十年,土地,房屋處理九年
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