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Su asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


請大大幫我翻譯下面2道菜的英文~~急~~~~ 20點

宮保雞丁 Diced Chicken with Dried Pepper

材料:去骨雞腿肉(帶皮) 蔥段 乾辣椒 花椒粒

作法:先將雞肉切成小丁塊 加入全蛋 太白粉 醃製攪勻 之後將醃好的雞丁先放入油鍋過油 熟之後起鍋瀝過油備用 再來放入乾辣椒 花椒粒爆香 再放入雞丁拌炒 加入調味料之後即可起鍋

乾扁嫩筍 Dry Fried Bamboo Shoots

材料:麻筍(去掉外殼及老皮之後切成條狀) 開陽末 冬菜末 豬肉末 蔥花 薑末 蒜末

做法;先將筍條川燙(去苦味) 之後下油鍋炸至微乾 再將開陽末 冬菜末 豬肉末 薑末 蒜末下鍋爆香 加入筍條 加入調味料(醬油 糖 些許雞粉)拌炒 起鍋前放入少許香油 蔥花即可


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    宮保雞丁 Diced Chicken with Dried Pepper

    material: chicken leg in which bone was removed (don't remove skin)

    spring onion section

    dry pepper

    pepper granules

    method:First cut the chicken meat into small cubes,

    add the whole egg, starch, mix and stir well.

    Then put the cut chicken meat into a pot which contain oil and

    let them pass oil. After the meat is cooked, take it from the

    pot, drip oil for use. Then put dry pepper, pepper granules

    into the pot and fry them until their smell come out. After this,

    put the chicken, mix and fry, add seasoning. After these

    procedure, you can take it from the pot.

    乾扁嫩筍 Dry Fried Bamboo Shoots

    materials:Rough bamboo shoot (cut into long narrow strips after

    removing outer shell and old skin)

    Minced Kaiyang(small dried shrimp)

    Minced pungent preserved dried chinese cabbage or mustard


    Minced pork meat

    Chopped spring onions

    Minced ginger

    Minced garlic

    Method:First let the strips of bamboo to pass the hot water to remove

    the bitter flavor. Then fried the bamboo strips in the pot which

    contain oil to a state of little dry. Then put minced Kaiyang,

    minced pungent preserved dried chinese cabbage or mustard

    green, minced pork meat, minced ginger, minced garlic and

    fry until the flavor comes out. Put the bamboo strips, add

    seasoning flavor (soy-bean sauce, sugar, a little of chicken

    flavor powder), mix and fry. Put sesame oil and chopped

    spring onions before taking off from the pot.

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    宮保雞丁 Diced Chicken with Dried Pepper


    乾扁嫩筍 Dry Fried Bamboo Shoots






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