how long does a minicrib last vs. a bassinet.?

My hsband and i have different views with these two. But i originally wanted to get one of those 3 in 1 cribs, do they really last, how does it convert, does it need additional parts like a frame bought or something?

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    3 in 1 crib to me is a standard sized crib that convert to a toddler bed then the bigger pieces can be used as a head and foot board. we have 2 of those (one for my daughter and one for my youngest son)...and my 2 yr old just had hers converted to the toddler bed. it's quite large and should last till she's at least 5 or 6 and ready for a twin sized bed.

    if you mean those plastic and fabric "playpen/bassinet" things then I'd recommend that over a bassinet any day.

    a regular bassinet is great when they are really small and you are up constantly in the night...i practically slept on my couch the first 4-6 weeks w/almost all my kids in a bassinet...BUT w/my last child i found a 'playpen/bassinet' called a co-sleeper and OMG it was awesome. (and still is).

    one side pops down to be level w/the your bed...NO MORE couches for me!

    it was a great way to have the baby right there for me to feed (i breast feed) w/out having to mess w/a clunky bassinet or worry about crushing him if he co-slept w/us.

    here is what i got:

    i can still use this too. as a playpen or as a travel crib too, since once the baby is big enough you can take out the bassinet part and raise the side level w/the other three. wish i had this thing 3 kids ago.

    Source(s): Mother of 4 (ages 12, 10, 2 and 6 months)
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    I'm not sure what you mean by a minicrib. A 3 in 1 crib though is a crib that converts to a toddler bed then to a full size bed and it does not need additional parts to do so. They are handy because they last for awhile and are usually reasonably priced.

    A bassinet however is only useful for a few months, however, it is very valuable in my opinion. We loved our bassinet. It was wonderful to have the baby in our room in the beginning when he was not sleeping long periods of time and we felt more secure with him in the same room while he was so tiny.

    You could consider getting both depending on how/where you want your child to be sleeping in the beginning and over time. I bought my bassinet used for twenty dollars. Usually you can find a decent price on a used one and since they are used for such a short period of time they are typically in good shape. If you have a Once Upon a Child store nearby, check it out. Otherwise you can check second-hand stores.

    Good luck with your decision.

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    yr question is not exactly clear.i think u r talking abt the latest 3 in one cribs which is actually a travel cot as well as playpen as well as a crib.well to tell the truth,i am ordering this only for my soon to be has many it has a changing pad/bassinet attached.u can change the baby's diapers and make him sleep in it.and whenever u want u can convert it into a playpen.u can even travel with it since it is portable,foldeble and light weight .

    the bassinet wont really last you more than a few initial has limited space and even more limited utility.

    check out Bambino world,travel cot, playards

    i am sure u will like these.they have immense utility.

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    I would never get a minicrib but bassinets don't last as long. Bassinet is good for the first couple of months for easier access to baby. I had a 3 in one criba nd loved it converted easily

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