song from american pie the first american pie movie?

it's the scene where every one in the pat gets the condoms

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    no idea but here is a list of the songs:American Pie soundtrack

    Artist name Song lyrics

    Third Eye Blind Lyrics New Girl

    Tonic Lyrics You Wanted More

    Blink 182 Lyrics Mutt

    Sugar Ray Lyrics Glory

    Super Transatlantic Lyrics Super Down

    Dishwalla Lyrics Find Your Way Back Home

    Dan Wilson / Bic Runga Lyrics Good Morning Baby

    Shades Apart Lyrics Stranger By the Day

    Bachelor Number One Lyrics Summertime

    Goldfinger Lyrics Vintage Queen

    Bic Runga Lyrics Sway

    The Loose Nuts Lyrics Wishen

    The Atomic Fireballs Lyrics Man With the Hex

    Lyrics OTHER SONGS

    Hole Lyrics Celebrity Skin

    Everclear Lyrics Everything To Everyone

    Flagpole Sitta Lyrics Danger Harvey

    Duke Daniels Lyrics Following A Star

    The Brian Jonestone Massacre Lyrics Going to Hell

    Oleander Lyrics I Walk Alone

    Loni Rose Lyrics I Never Thought That You Would Come

    Simon & Garfunkel Lyrics Mrs. Robinson

    Third Eye Blind Lyrics Semi-Charmed Life

    Barenaked Ladies Lyrics One Week

    Ace of Base Lyrics The Sign

    Brand New Heavies Lyrics Midnight At The Oasis

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    5 years ago

    If you have an apple gadget simply browse the itunes for that song, I am sure you will find the exact song plus you can download it as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    just google american pie soundtrack and it comes up

  • 1 decade ago

    look it upon itunes

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  • 1 decade ago

    how about i buy you the cd!

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