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hi i need some answers on this essays just to get started ty?

*1. discuss how role strain and role conflict is harmful to society with given examples.

2. discuss how three major sociological perspective of functionalism, conflict theory and interactionism view the role of social institutions in society.

3. discuss how the recent war with Iraq may have had a narcotizing effect for some viewers with illustration provided.

4. discuss the role media from the conflict perspective. define gatekeeping and give examples.

*5. discuss why the definitions of deviance and social stigma are dependent on cultural variations and socially accepted norms. give examples how people are stigmatized for behaviors they may no longer engage in.


thanks :)

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    first of all u need to read the theories mentioned in these ques like conflict theory ...u can read karl marx's social stratification theory...when u understand the concept completely only then u'll be able to answer these ques...

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