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My careers teacher is giving my class a whole bunch of assignments about our plan for the future, but I don't care about the future. I'm a here and now person. My goal is to have fun without hurting anyone (including myself and excluding those who REALLy deserve it...anyways). What do I do? I have no goals and i don't have plans other than the general "be a lawyer", but I only use that so people stop yelling at me to choose a path for myself. I need advice.

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    You may have this credo today but what happens three years down the track when school is over and you have a GPA of 1.5 or a UAI (Australians will know what that is) of >40. You will have no future and no money to be "a here and now have fun". You need to have plans so that you can have a future with enjoyment and life.

    Get a dream. Get a goal, and plan for that goal and dream.

    Yes, I was where you are. It wasted three years of my life and I am probably about $1 000 000 worse off today then I would have been had I had goals and dreams.

    Think about enjoying yourself once you have reached a goal you have set for yourself.

  • Lori S
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    It is obvious you have no clue what you want to do with your life and that is okay. I do hope you have a real plan such as get a job, save some dough (for a car) and continue to leanr about the things that interest you.

    With that said, you will still have to pass this class so you will have to participate whether you have a concrete goal or not. Since this class is not real (it is an artificial contrivance for teaching about real life), then just choose one of the assignments the teacher has posted that has some merit in what you are interested about in life.

    I have no clue what she has assigned, but take the low road and do the one that seems easiest. This may sound like a cop out, but if you aren't interested in any of the choices, then just pick an assignment and do it. It isn't like you will have to choose this particular choice in real life . You are merely doing an exercise in order to pass this class. How hard can it be????? You need the credit, she needs for you to do the work. So do it knowing that it is not a real reflection of your life. Pick something, do it, and who cares if it isn't your real goal? After the end of the school year, will it matter? You will go on to choose what you want to do and not do, and any classroom time spent on an assignment will be over and not of any importance.

    Who knows? You just might find that you actually learn something from doing this assignment. And if not? Well, it won't be the first nor the last inane project you have had to do for school that had absolutely no meaning or educational value for you. Get the credit and move on. Next year is another fresh start.

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    5 years ago

    Although knowing Spanish will definitely be a big asset working in a hospital, I cant think of any decent paying career you can get just by knowing Spanish. The medical field is a very good career to pursue and jobs are very easy to find. In this time of economic recession, people in the medical field are one of the few that don't have to worry too much about being laid-off. You've taken Spanish for 4 years now....surely you pretty much know it by now, right? In the interest of your future, I think you should drop the Spanish and start taking the medical careers class.

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    You need to start thinking about your future now. How are you going to support yourself? Will you go to college or try and find work straight away and in what area? Do the assignment and you might actually learn something about yourself along the way.My daughter is only and still not sure what she wants to do apart from working in the art industry or working with animals. However she has managed to set some smaller goals like going on a short holiday with friends and saving money now .She has 19 terms of high school. before she goes away on her holiday after her final exams. List some careers like the lawyers and you might learn something. It may lead you to decide whether you do not want to be a lawyer. Time goes fast when you are young and at high school.If you really want to do something then yous set yourself a goal and work hard to achieve it.

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    My advice is to start thinking about your future....NOW!!

    How are you going to support yourself?

    Do you think your parents are going to pay your way for the rest of your life?

    Do you see yourself living with your parents until they die? Then what?

    Are you going to bring dates to your parents house when your 30? That's if a woman will even date you, still living at home.

    Look at the people driving the old, rusted, beat up cars with the cracked windshield...that's going to be you if you don't think about your future.

    Do you want the newest model car every couple of years? Your not going to have one, with your current attitude.

    Look at the people in the stores, the ones with the plaid shirt/jackets wearing sweat pants...that's you in the future.

    You could afford the latest trends, if you had a decent paying job.

    Want a minium paying job that won't allow you to make ends meet?

    Or do you want a job that allows you to buy a home and put food on the table?

    Are you going to be single all your life?

    A smart women won't settle for anyone that doesn't have any goals in short, if you don't have goals, you don't have a life.

    Time to get your a ss out of your head and think about your future and make something out of it.

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    another option is to pick the career option that you know NOTHING about - at least it would be new infor, maybe even interesting

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