could some one please help me i am righting my final paper for a class i'm righting on Minor V. Happersett

I have a rough draft but cant seem to get a thesis statement on this

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    1 decade ago
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    Writing, not righting, just in case that's in the paper. And "I" is a proper noun, so capitalize it. Yeesh.

    A thesis is a theory. What is your theory on Minor V. Happersett? Your paper then either proves or disproves your thesis with evidence gathered through research. It is like making an argument for or against your statement.

    Much luck...

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    Well first of all, check over the paper for grammatical mistakes...I noticed you made quite a few just in the title. ^_^ Next up, to make your thesis statement...well, first off, do you know what a thesis is? It's pretty much summarizing up what your whole paper is about; what's the main idea? Once you you figure that out (should really only take a few seconds) think of a cool way to introduce your audience to it. Remember, thesis statements can also be questions.

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