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I need help getting back my speed for soccer. Help?

ONE MAIN GOAL: I want to get faster.

My dad says i need to strengthen my legs.

I think i should do a work-out for a while.


I use to have a big edge on the whole other field when i played soccer. My dad said that will give me back my edge. I practice 24-5 and have games on the weekends so nothing to hard. But just something easy so that i can get back my edge and still participate without having to pop pain killers each nights. Can someone just give me a plan/some execises to get back my speed or strengthen my legs. Which ever one you think will work.

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    work on speed bursts rather than long distance running

    also some tea before your game would be great to increase your performance

    i have this tea that is green tea with ginseng

    the green tea has caffeine to keep your body alert while the ginseng decreases the tiredness in your muscles

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    Every day try sprinting, running and increases the length of ur run everyday will help alot. Also biking on a gear 3 and 7 (but first start easy and work ur way up) and increasing ur biking length by a little every day is VERY good for ur legs. Do these exercises for the period of ur free time or make a plan to do these like ur soccer practice.

    Source(s): Experience and now have awesome leg power and speed I do tennis, soccer, and triathlon sports
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    jogging every day will increase your endurance. if you want to work on quickness and speed. try doing sprints in a sand box. like the ones they have in schools. even doing some of your soccer drills in a sand box will help your foot work and help you get light on your feet. also to build some tone in your legs do some drills up and down some stairs like the bleachers.

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